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Love’s Dulcet Harmony

Your Voice is like Electricity to me,
Come to Me, I wish You could See,
All of this is Driving me Crazy,
for Your Love like Music Sweet,
That flows out of You straight to me,
Captures and twists all my Sanity,
You play Your beats upon me like a drum,
You make me Feel Your Passion,
Burning deep inside like the Pulse of Love Itself,
It drowns out Everything Else.

You are Life and Breath to Me,
Passion and Love, Not Capriciously,
Wrap it up into a Song for Me,
Wisk away my Cares and Be,
Everything, Always, Like Sweet Serenity.
Is this Your Soul, Reaching out, Touching Mine?
Beating in Unison, Pounding in Time?
You play Your Rhythms upon me like a Spell,
Until I’m spinning and cannot Tell,
How You are All these Fantasies,
Enwrapping You, Enwrapping Me,
Sighs like Music, Love’s Dulcet Harmony,
Whispers Imagined, Now Reality.

~ Morgan~

Lovely Image found at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/janeykayflowergarden