The Song – #poetry of the #naturalworld


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Whispers of Tranquility

Sing soft and low


Yet we shall only hear the Song

When we pause to Listen

When we Belong

To all that Whispers soft and low

Transcending calamity

Releasing woe


~Morgan ~




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When Wisdom Sings – #Meditative #poetry


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Glisten in the Heart of slumber

Shimmer amidst the Hush of Dreams

Whisper in the Realm of twilight

Of mysteries Beyond what reality seems,

Ask for nothing in such rich Splendor

Guise of learning slips away

As Light Transcends our wakeful musings

And Wisdom Sings what none can say.


~Morgan ~




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Signal – #poetry of the #naturalworld


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Signal the night to call my Dreams

Whispers of reality through silken beams

Of sterling Light and glistening tomorrow

Of forgotten yesterdays and pallid sorrow

Signal halos to Sing soft and clear



As we dry our tears.


~Morgan ~




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Music of Leaves – #poetry of the #naturalworld


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Avenue of golden fire

Visage of wanton desire

Mystery of elden days

As the music of tumbling leaves plays.


~Morgan ~




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Touching the Divine – An #Exercise of #Mindfulness


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As the pace of life quickens and demands pull at us from every direction, it is more important than ever to find time to recenter our thoughts, our energy, our essence.Being Mindful of ourselves, our bodies, our place in the eternal cosmos isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I grant you, however, I think it can be agreed that we all, in one way or another, need time to regroup.Some do it through listening to music; others read.Some will meditate or pray, while others, myself included, very often simply sit down amid the beauty of nature, close my eyes, and seek to sense all that is around me.

Feel the Lingering Breath of Day, Caress my skin with Smiling,
Under the Soothing Reassurance of the Golden Setting Sun,
Close my eyes,
Breath is Still and Calm, Sweet Repose Long Sought,
Birdsong fills the Deepening Twilight, Echoes of the Dawn of Time,
Darkness meets my Questing gaze in Emptiness,

Draw a deeper breath,
Sweet Tranquility Reaches out,
Brushes her hand across my hurried thoughts and distracted musings,
Resting upon my Upturned cheek
As the Softest Touch of evening Unites with rhythmic breathing,




Into the Depths of Quiet Being,
Transposing the chaos of everyday into Harmonious Liturgy,
Heartbeat sounding in my hearing,
Reminder of Precious Life,



Lingering Longer,

As the Gentle Touch of Your Thoughts finds me,
And Instantly I Smile,




Time slips through the glass as Union breaks the bonds,
Unfetters the shackles of worry and suppressed fear,
Kisses my Spirit with Peace and Sublime Serenity,




Hovering Wings of Majesty,
Love Falling like misty rain, Surrounding, Enwrapping, Invigorating,
Catalyst of Untold Alteration, Merging, Joining,
Tears of Quintessential Joy Softly Singing,




Refreshed, Renewed in the Lavender Light,
Birdsong fading, Cicadas Droning, Darkness Falling,
Eternity Calling,
Deepest, Cleansing, Stirring Sigh,
Turning my Face Toward the Starlit Sky
In the Presence of all that Truly Shines,
In Moments, Alone,
Touching the Divine


~Morgan ~

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Engender- #poetry of the #NaturalWorld


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Place of Beauty

Transcending time

River of Influence



Wash over my Spirit with your Infinite Splendour



Gently Engender.

~Morgan ~

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Ethereal Wisdom – #poetry for #MeditativeThinking


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Beyond the realm of shifting night

Ethereal Wisdom Sings


As Time expands through the compass of Memory

And lethargy Beguiles

With Serenity

~ Morgan ~

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Clarity – #poetry of the #naturalworld


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As Time Marches

Against the edge of night

Clarity Speaks with a Silent Whisper

Sharing Secrets long Forgotten and Unremembered

To those who Listen with their Souls

~ Morgan ~

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Passion fused in spiraling eddies

When darkness licks the midnight hour

Whispers of Enchantment Singing

As Rhapsody hovers in Breathless silence

Waiting for the dawn

~ Morgan ~

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Silent Glory 1

Place of Wonders

Shadows lilting like caroling song

Whispers Transcend the unspoken calm

As sunlit dapples of subdued shine

Glint in a litany sublime

Amid this Grove

Of forgotten Rhyme.




~ Morgan ~

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Where Love Walks – #InspirationalMeditations


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There are so many in this world who are alone. So many who are sad, lost, hurting, and they may ask ‘Where is God?’ ‘Why is there so much suffering?’  ‘Why are so many in need?’ ‘ Why does  God who is supposed to be all loving allow so much misery?’  ‘Where is He?’

He/She/Universal Love is not far, aloft in the distant cosmos, disconnected and unfeeling. God, whatever or however you think of God, is not some metaphysical apparition. God is Love, love is God; and yet, if God is love why does he seem to not love?  Why are there so many situations that are devoid of love?

I recently had an accident where I wound up in the emergency room. (A Segway accident while on holiday that resulted in several cracked ribs)  After several hours of pain and tears, I was being discharged and a woman was coming in at the same time. She was extremely angry, but also sad at the same time, though it was harder to see than the anger. She was cursing at the security guards and saying unkind things to the nurse who was helping me to the car. The nurse apologized to me for her behavior, but I wasn’t offended by it. Instead I empathized with her and felt a deal of compassion for her.  I wanted to say something, to share some measure of kindness with her. Some offering of love, but I didn’t.

I was very fortunate when the accident that sent me to the ER happened. I was with people who could help me and was surprised by how many strangers stopped to offer their aid, but the woman I met in the ER had no one. Little wonder she felt alone, and it’s not surprising she said the things she did, things like she didn’t matter and that love doesn’t exist. I remained silent, perhaps because of my own pain, but I continued to think about her.

Of course she matters. We all do; and of course Love exists, because even now I’m still thinking about her. Love, much like God, isn’t distant and set apart. Love abides in each of us, waiting to be shared.  It reaches out in the hands that tend. It pronounces itself in kindness. It whispers of its existence through compassionate glances and unspoken empathy.

Perhaps this is why there are so many in need?  Not because Love doesn’t exist, but to give us the opportunity to prove that it does.

Wherever Love Goes
It Urges Mercy and Justice.

Whenever Love Speaks
It Sings Kindly and Gently.

Whatever Love Teaches
It Inspires Honesty, Truth, and Encouragement.

Whatever Love Gives
It Fills with Compassion and Generosity.

May Love Walk with us, Speak Through us,
Teach our Spirits to Sing Harmoniously,

And Give Selflessly
So we may Never Walk Alone.


Although the past few weeks have been extremely difficult because I’ve been in constant pain, I am finally mending and will be able to return to my normal routine of writing soon!


#DarkFey #CoverContest

During my recovery period ( I’ve suffered two cracked ribs on holiday last week 😮) I discovered that Dark Fey The Reviled has been included in the AuthorsDB Cover Contest. 😆

If you like the cover, might you be willing to pop by via the link and vote for it please ? (Once on the site, you’ll only need to scroll down to find the vote button) I very much appreciate your time and support.

Thanks ever so 😊

#Free #5Star #Epic #Fantasy- Dark Fey Breaking into the Light

Dark Fey Breaking Into The Light, book three of the #AwardWinning #Epic #Fantasy is currently #FREE

Simply brilliant” – Rabia Tanveer, Readers’ Favorite

“A tale of battle, redemption, and an empathetic look at one’s stance against “evil”, this book will appeal to fantasy fans who like a story that makes them think. Full of fanciful creatures, strange languages and exotic names, the story is a philosophical twist on the perennial tale of dark versus light.” – Book Review Directory Editorial Reviews

Emily and the Gnomes by S. D. Michaels


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Biologist Emily Dickens is a conservationist who works tirelessly against the destruction of the planet Valencia and the near extinction of its wildlife. The battle seems hopeless until a young goddess from the sister world of Terra hears her pleas and sends out a small army of the most unlikely rescuers. There’s only one problem – Emily has grown up in a world that was abandoned thousands of years ago by its ruling goddesses. It will take a little enchantment and a lot of faith for Emily to start healing her planet again and sending its creatures to the only safe haven she can find.

A Brief Excerpt from the book:

Jabaz: father of all the gods, creator of all the heavens and the cosmos, journeyed through the glimmering lights of his universe.

He’d done this so many times before, making each of his worlds a little different from the others.  But this one, this one was for Ava, the youngest of his daughters, the most ambitious, and for the time being, his favorite.

“She wants plants,” he said, waving a hand and covering the planet with various types of foliage, trees, bushes, ground cover, and even plants to live in the water. “And seas teeming with living creatures, and birds to fill the sky. And let there be beasts to live and roam the lands,” he said, glancing beside him at his daughter. “And let there be no humans to bring them harm, but little Gnomes to guard and care for my creation.”

Ava smiled and kissed her father’s cheek. “Perfect,” she said, with excitement. “It’s just like Emily’s world of Valencia.  Well, kind of.”

Three links for where you can purchase your book

 Author Bio:

S.D. Michaels was born in Denver, Colorado, and in 1977 Michaels moved to Western Washington to study Marine Biology Technology and instantly fell in love with the beautiful and tranquil waters of Puget Sound. Labeling himself an environmental enthusiast Michaels has dedicated his World of Valencia series to helping children learn about the world around them using a make-believe world to talk about real-world environmental problems, such as pollution and animal extinction. He is also the author of a six novelette series titled People of Miranda Records.

Find S. D. Michaels through social media:



The Clans of Arcadia by Arwen Chandler


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With one dark spell, life in Arcadia changes in the blink of an eye. Yesterday, Karn had it all. Today he has nothing.

No longer able to watch from the sidelines, the goddess Lorna reclaims her champion, Karn Elohite, as her chosen warrior. The second son of a battle-hardened chieftain, Karn Elohite, was content to lead a life away from his clan until he met her. She changed his entire world, and now his world is crashing at his feet.

The Viper of the Maekel clan has unleashed his mage Magnus upon all of Arcadia leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Now, Karn must find the strength to stop them, and choose between honoring the woman he loved or finding solace in the arms of the enemy – a woman, who finds herself struggling at her own crossroads.

The goddess has called for the reign of dragon riders to begin again, but will Karn accept his fate, or stay trapped in the past?

Remnant is a story set in a world as dangerous as George R.R. Martin’s Westeros, and as magical as J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Not since the dawning of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonflight, has a story hatched from the world of dragons like Remnant. Do you dare come inside?



Darkness has fallen on Arcadia. Yet, Karn Elohite stands strong.

He leads his beloved Lilia, clansman Ian, and dragon Aslaug on a quest through Langerhorn to unleash the power of the dragon riders.

Langerhorn, the ancestral home of the gods, is home of ancient dragons, faeries, and elves.

Will the trio survive their quest, and save Arcadia? Or will Magnus and Fridtjof destroy everything while they are away?

Quest is a story set in a world as dangerous as George R.R. Martin’s Westeros, and as magical as J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Not since the dawning of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonflight, has a saga hatched from the world of dragons like The Clans of Arcadia. Do you dare to walk within?

Fans of A Game of ThronesLord of the Rings, and Dragonflight will love Quest!

Quest is the second book in The Clans of Arcadia series.


Excerpt Description of Realm (Remnant: The Clans of Arcadia) –Farthest westward area of the Elohite ancestral home.

The first rays of light crept over the mountains chasing back the darkness and bathing the cabin in warmth. In the pre-dawn half-light, birds gathered in the branches of the hemlock growing closest to the front window. Their chatter noised through the house and hinted that an early spring might arrive in the mountain region between Erisai and Bardai.

Inside the cabin, the shell of the previous night’s firewood glowed red, and the warm scent of pine still lingered in the air. Its remnants threatened to crumble into ash at any moment.

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Excerpt from book two:

Lilia slowed her breathing, trying to slow her heartbeat, then glanced through the clearing. “It’s amazing.”

Karn nodded. “Yes, it is.”

Towering trees covered in deep emerald green moss stood as sentries around the lagoon. Boulders of every size poked out of the water, covered in soft green and yellow hues of lichen, and the rushing rumble of a small waterfall filled the air. The lagoon itself was a deep blue sapphire, and soft wisps of fog rolled across its glassy surface.

Majestic flowering trees surrounded the water. Royal poincianas, hibiscus, plumeria, and hydrangea, created a stunning bouquet near the edge of the forest. The heavy floral scent of the blooming flowers was pleasant but slightly overpowering. However, their presence only increased the majesty of the hidden lagoon.

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About Arwen Chandler: Arwen Chandler is a fantasy, urban paranormal, and space opera author. She loves creating worlds, and painting pictures with words. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys painting, knitting, and boogie boarding at the beach. Arwen lives in South Texas with her family and cat Solomon T’Challa.

Arwen Chandler Social Media:


Twitter: @arwenchandler