Saturday Showcase – Exploiting the Under Utilized


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(First off, please allow me to begin by saying that, although I haven’t written many whirling posts lately, there are quite a few Non-poetry posts I’ve written scattered throughout the shelves and volumes of BnV. That being said, I thought I might use today’s Saturday Showcase to spotlight a few. If you find these whirling dervishes of words to your liking, you can find more of these Non-poetry posts are collected under the category Just Me Musing) Enjoy !!


May I take a moment out of your day to express how extraordinary it is that Autumn is finally here? To put it mildly, it’s Wonderful! Spectacular! Stupendous! In fact, I feel so emphatic about the fact that I would actually exploit a highly under-utilized phrase in my vocabulary and go so far as to say that it is “F@&$%ing Brilliant”! (which apparently I won’t say, even when I say I’m going to say it) (sorry for the tease!, but surely you know me well enough by now to know that my language, ordinarily, really doesn’t consist of these sorts of exclamations) Nevertheless, this is, indeed, how excellent it is….in my book(nvolume)

Why so emotive over an otherwise relatively unremarkable event as the passing of one season into another? Well, since you ask (figuratively speaking, of course)….

Firstly, let me begin by explaining (If I haven’t elsewhere already) that the Sun, in all its radiant splendor and beauty, really doesn’t like me. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that we are mortal enemies, but I could certainly describe Dearest Sol, My Lord Apollo, The Divine Ra as my Arch Nemesis (although that would also suggest that I’m some sort of super hero, which would lead me to the unavoidable 30 minutes of requisite contemplation over a super hero name and super power, but, since that is, perhaps, best saved for another post, I won’t digress any further)(unless you care to offer any (KIND) suggestions).

In spite of the blatantly absent title, the fact remains that the sun and I are not friends, not at all. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love all the fresh fruits and vegetables Summer brings with it and I enjoy a day at the beach like most others do or a stroll on a balmy evening, but there is a reason Master Ra and I don’t get on and that reason is called (in layman’s terms) Photosensitivity to Sunlight. Odd? Yes! Annoying? Reasonably. Something I inherited genetically? Absolutely. (That perplexed look is creeping back into your expression, again, by the way.)

How does that even work? Well, to make a short story interminably long, I am a delicate creature (though no one seems to believe me whenever I say that out loud) with hyper-sensitive skin. When the sun is bright, my skin burns within minutes, I suffer exasperating rashes, and ultimately become quite ill (rather like a Dark Fey) (sorry, shameless self promotion, but it couldn’t be avoided, really). Sun block would be logical, I hear you thinking, and I would be inclined to agree, except that my hyper-sensitive skin also breaks into a rash when I use sun block, change soaps, switch laundry detergents…

(Deep breath)..So, yes, I’m very, very glad I’ve managed to survive another summer reasonably unscathed and am now able to greet the Splendor of Autumn. What’s not to like about Autumn, after all? The refreshingly cooler temperatures, the opportunity to throw on a sweater or an oversized sweatshirt, snuggle deep into a blanket (or a heap of them, depending), enjoy a steaming cup of Hazelnut Mocha Double Chai Latte (which is really just an extravagant, super-charged cup of hot cocoa) and burn candles without having to adjust the air conditioning. (So I guess, to follow my format, that was secondly, thirdly, fourthly and fifthly, respectively.)

I really ought to live in Vermont. I say that a lot, although England, Wales or Scotland would be even more (Insert Under-Utilized Expletive here) Brilliant. (eek, there it is again!) It’s simply the truth. Cool temperatures, snowy winters, breathtaking Autumns, and plenty of rain. Yes, I enjoy a lovely rainy day, fog, thunder, clouds, puddles, brollies: glorious! But then, I’m of a poetic bent of mind and (apparently) enjoy being contrary. (Or at least, distinctly individualistic).

So bring forth the golden, slanting sunlight (which oddly enough doesn’t hurt); the myriad shades of amber, crimson, russet and bronze; the jack o’ lanterns and horns of plenty; carry the sheaths into the barns singing songs of exultation; spike the punchbowl (oh sorry, that’s not until Christmas!) and bake pies, breads and crumbles that will fill the air with sweet, spicy aromas. I, for one, am entirely and expectantly ready!



Beautiful Image found on Pinterest: Original artist/photographer unknown.

Friday Fantasy – Latent Light


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Latent Light

Wandering in the Misty Night

Along the Treacherous way,

Broken Path of Latent Light,

Glimmering Laughter to Betray

The Fear that Creeps Silently,

The Sensation of Pure Dread,

As Jack, his Lantern, to Adorn

Deep Shadows for the Dead.

Amazing Original Artwork by: bzartt at

Friday Fantasy – OctPoWriMo – Foreboding


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Beyond the Tides and Ribbons of Night

Where Light and Dark Spill and Collide,

The Winged Denizens of Spiraling Fright

With Confusion Dance and Blithely Abide,

While Shadows flutter and Chaos Breathes

Like Mists upon the Heaving Sea,

Unhallowed Ground readily Frees

Gossamer Ghouls seeking Liberty.

Dance, O Harbingers of Silent Sound,

As Foreboding Night Wheels Round.


Amazing Original Artwork by: Priteeboy at

With Gratitude


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For YOU! My Dear Sweet WordPress Family:

OH How the Surprise of Tears Do come,
Rushing in on my Poise and Certainty
When Such a Warm and Delicate Touch
As Your words,
In Delight of Mine,
Do Cause the Moon to Shiver,
The Sun to Shine!
Without the Simplest Enticement or Lure,
My Thanks, Seemingly Paltry,
Yet Honest and Pure,
For Ever Do I Receive This Honor
With More Gratitude of Thought and Feeling
Than My Language or Heart Can Sweetly Express.


Living Without You


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Living Without You

Inevitability Hinging on Doubt,
Paradox of Patience, Entirely Without
Fear or Perception of what may Be,
Only Discerning You Should be with me.

Soul of my Soul,
Breath of my Breath,
Living without You,
Like drinking in Death.
Heartbeat of Heartbeat,
Sigh of my Sigh,
Standing on Loneliness,
Questioning Why.
Desire of Desire,
Passions Burning Flame,
I feel You Intrinsically,
We are the Same.

Inevitability, Heedless of Doubt,
Paradox of Patience, Entirely Without
Fear, Understanding what will Be,
Destiny Waiting, You Will Be With me.

Beautiful original artwork by: girltripped at

OctPoWriMo – Dark River


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Dark River

Space to Show

Shimmering Flow

As Time and Eternity Blend

Whispers Blow

Shadows Grow

While Secrets Silently Send

Darkness Reeling

Muteness Sealing

Calamity is Growing

Slithering Feeling

Echoes Pealing

Dark River Flowing.

Drowning All My Memory

Swallowing My History.

Beautiful Original Photograph by: nucu at

OctPoWriMo – Eternally Mine


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Eternally Mine

You are Splendor!
Delight Personified!
Breathless Passion,
Utterly Fine!
OH how Blessed I Am
That You are Mine!

Time will Turn.
Colour will Fade.
The Blush of Youth,
Tempered by Shade.
Yet Your Charms, My Love,
Will Ever Be Fine!
Eternally Blessed
That You Will Be Mine!


Wonderful Image found on Tumblr by lyssababe

OctPoWriMo- In Your Presence


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Sweet, Let All anticipation come,
To stand at the door of my Heart and Knock,
Waiting in Breathless Yearning for the Answer
Only You can Give.
In Supplication I come,
My uncertainties Cast Asunder,
And like a lowly beggar, do Kneel at Your feet,
Oh Lord of my Heart,
Heart of my Love,
To Know Your Simplest Pleasure.
For in the hours of Night and Day,
When Shadows hide and Brilliance Play,
There my Life finds meaningless abstraction
if not in Your Presence.



Beautiful Image found at:



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Mirabilis 7


Mirabilis 6

Run Down. Decrepit.

Mirabilis 5

Ancient. Primeval. Deserted. Abandoned.

Mirabilis 4

All of these terms can be applied to any number of structures, once glorious, once tended with affection, once prominent; now standing in silent decay and ruin.

Mirabilis 3

Yet within the hush that has settled over these edifices of antiquity, whispers linger, shadows flicker, and stories wait on the precipice of perception.

Mirabilis 2

These crumbling bastions betray no secrets; still, they entice the imagination and persuade even the most resolute skeptic. Ever worthy of the onlooker’s gaze, even in their final resting peace, they beg to be reexamined and shared.

Mirabilis by aprile24 on Flickr

Mirabilis is a Latin adjective meaning “amazing, wondrous, remarkable”.

These Beautiful Images were found on Pinterest. They are not my own and I acknowledge the artists who captured these ancient spirits for all to see. Thank You!

OctPoWriMo – Silent Screams


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Champagne Creation

In Whiskey Brothels, Murdered

Weeps in Silent Screams.


Beautiful Original Artwork by: Selina Fenech

Autumn Springs – The Complete Verse


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Autumn Springs

Autumn Springs from Summer’s Flame,
Eternal Passage of Season’s Change,
Dance of Passion’s Lingering Game,
Viridian for Copper, Elemental Exchange.

Primordial instincts embrace epic hues,
Fantasy’s Utopia, view Wisps becoming Brides,
Delphian Fairwell Fairies mimic and muse,
Rousing Shadows and Lovers, crimsons collide.

Pageant of Nighttide, Shimmering Bright,
Secrets Whispered in Primeval Tones,
Gathering Luminous, Spectral Light,
Ethereal Queen Born from muttering crone.

Dauntless Coppice, pursuing nature’s virgin Sprite,
Baptized, Nocturnal King of Twilight’s Beasts,
Queen Dowager awaits Autumn’s marital rites,
Mystic humming, via Motley winds due East.

Dance upon the Darling Midnight,
Twirl amidst the Foliage Aflame,
King and Queen Bedecked in Mirth’s Light,
Escaping Summer’s Clasp, Ne’er to be the Same.

Brilliance sparkling over Celestial skies
Approval granted, Russet Harvest’s grace
Verdict trumpeted, Change of Seasons, shall advise
Regal first kiss, as accompanying Timbers embrace

Spectrum’s Flame of Autumnal Dawn,
Seasons Shift, like Willows Bend,
Dancing Tatiana and Bold Oberon,
In Sweetest Union without End.

Fate’s Tale whirls on Heliotrope dreams
Epic dance, adorning Violaceous Wings
Crisp winds commence, as Folklore sings
Fantasy lives within Autumn Springs

Autumn Springs 2

I am so Delighted to have spent the week working with Audrey on this collaboration. I have loved Audrey’s poetry for so long now and have very often wanted to jump into her Lyrically Dancing words to spin and twirl with her, as her verses ever seem to me like she is Dancing…and NOW We Have shared a Dance Together :) It has been a Dream of a Collaboration and I simply Adore the Tale we’ve woven together. Audrey, Thank You Thank You Ever So~ :)

This poem of the change of seasons, of Halloween, of Light and Darkness is the culmination a week long collaboration with Audrey Dawn from whose poetry and beguiling perspectives ever Entice and Inspire me. I am Delighted and Honoured to have worked with her on this poem. Nothing was pre-Planned, nothing pre-scripted…I wrote verse one, then after reading it, Audrey wrote verse two which inspired verse three by me….and so on. Each verse we wrote Inspired the next, taking us on a week long Journey into the Lyrically Unknown.

Top Beautiful Original Artwork by: Lilla Marton
Bottom Beautiful Original Artwork by: Josephine Wall

OctPoWriMo – Perfection in Unity


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Soul Mates

Long We have been separated, Love,
Though in the Dawn of Existence we Kissed Each Other Sweetly.
Born of One Spirit,
Lingering in Breathless Anticipation,
Sharing Each Thought,
Each Breath,
Each Moment,
Unified in Perfection, Perfection in Unity.

Birth brought division, separation, desertion,
Calamity of loneliness and confusion.
Each day I have sought You,
Seeking the Beauty of Your Eyes,
Listening for the Allure of Your Voice,
Reaching for Your Exquisite Hands,
Yearning for the Splendor Your Touch,
Desiring none but You.

Alas, Love, my Search was Fruitless.
Stolen Time, Ineffectual Years,
Breaking the Hourglass of Patience,
Diminishing Essence to Pallor.
Inescapable Longing.

Until A Glimmer Escaped the tedium,
A Question Poised on Possibility,
Hope Sprung from her hiding place deep within my Heart
At Seeing You,
Recognizing You,
Though I knew not Your Name,
Certain only of the Pounding of my Spirit,
The Trembling of my Heart,
The Longing Intensified disproportionately.

In Patience, Praying
In Diligence, Believing
In Expectant Certainty.
You Are He!
Made For Me, Made With Me,
Sweet Handsome Harmony to my solitary Melody.
Breathe with Me, Again, My Love,
Unified in Perfection, Perfection in Unity.


Breathtaking Artwork found on Google Image Search: Acknowledgement given to the original artist, Unknown.


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