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I used to go dancing a lot, nearly every weekend. Same place, certainly nothing fancy, but there was a proper DJ, a few good friends, and a fancy to flirt with. Oh it was fun! Yet, now, I don’t go as much. In truth, it’s been years, even though I love to dance, love to hear the driving beat matching my pounding pulse, love to shake what the Good Lord gave me. Yes, I know how. I don’t get out there on the floor only after I’ve had one too many making every step a misstep, every turn a potential disaster, and I certainly don’t do that “White Girl” dance that looks more like there’s a queue for the loo than an expression of rhythmic ecstasy going on.

So why is it, then, that I have abstained for so long? The place is still there, the friends are still about, even the DJ is still in attendance on his given night, but, for whatever reason, I stopped going. Too many late nights? No. That’s the beauty of Saturdays. Not enough “fundage” to foot the bill? Never. Dancing is free; it’s the drinking that is costly. Got bored with the same ol’ scene…ok maybe, but I never went to parade my assets to the flesh market; I only ever went to dance, have a good time and a lot of laughs.

Why, then, deny myself something I enjoy; something that made me giggle, something from which I have dozens of great memories, something that made me feel so good? Job responsibilities got in the way, boyfriend at the time had something to say, supposed spiritual antithesis made me feel I rather ought to pray, not sure which, but something wouldn’t let me play (sorry, it’s the poet in me!) Whatever it was, I simply stopped going.

This happens, though, doesn’t it. Whether it’s the club where we love to dance, or the gym where we work out (and prance? Sorry!) Whether it’s the afternoon game at school we always used to go to, or the local theatre meeting we just can’t find time for anymore, or the church service of a Sunday that we used to attend; there always seems to be something that we sacrifice in order to satisfy the demands and pressures of our lives. It’s the extra job so we can buy a new car, or the late hours at the office so we can pay our inflated mortgage; it’s the dinner party that keeps us from spending time with our children, or the sheer exhaustion of it all that keeps us from getting up off the couch to give our bodies a little physical stimulation (behave now, I mean working out here!)

In the end, though, what are we gaining? Stress? Hassles? Dissatisfaction? 30 extra pounds and borderline diabetes? Estranged loved ones? Lonely children? Insomnia? A Life without Purpose? The list can go on and on. You know what they say: All work and no play….All Stress and no Pray….

My Point? (yes, you and I both know I don’t really need one, but once again you are in luck) What I’m saying is simply this: Grab your i-whatever devise and go for a walk. Strap on a helmet and take a spin on that bicycle that’s been sitting (or hanging) in your garage for years. Pick up a ball or a doll and play with your baby before they grow up and don’t want you around. Or better yet, put on your little black dress (unless you’re a man, of course! In that case put on something sleek and sexy that shows off your best attribute), call up some friends and Go Shake Your Grove Thang!

Because the fun you have and the inspiration you achieve will last a vast while longer than any false sense of accomplishment you may gain by working late or ignoring your mate.


Softly Astute


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Softly Astute

Purge my Perplexity,

Without the Chaos of Rushing Sight,

Sigh Gently Within Me

And Grace my Path with Glimmering Light,

That All May See Your Smile,

All Around May Know Your Heart,

If Only from my shades of Musing,

Should they, Through Grace, Stand Sweetly Apart.

Yet, if Life’s Tempests force me Mute,

Speak through the Silence, Softly Astute.

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True Treasure


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True Treasure

My Love for You Shall cross Time and Space,
Eternally Rhyming,
Endlessly Singing,
Within my Heart, Shaped Solely for You,
Beloved, Most Cherished, My Love Ever True.

Speak Softly in the Sweet Hush of Night,
Beckoning Quietly,
Reaching Tenderly,
Delight of my Heart, Intoxicating Pleasure,
Beloved Twin Flame, My Heart’s True Treasure.

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The Whisper of the Breeze


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The Whispers of the Breeze
Speaks Silence to my Heart,
In Shades of Indigo Brilliance
And Bright Luminous Mists of Tranquil Blue,
Speaking of Your Mystery,
Uttering Paradoxes, Timeless and True.
Unfettered upon this Whisper of Air,
Unchained from Grief, from Doubt, from Despair,
Into the Realms of Pearlescent Dreams,
Glittering Incomprehensibility Streams.

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Kissed By Light


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Time is Waiting,
Standing still,
While Daylight pauses on the Terrestrial windowsill.

Night is Lurking,
Drawing Near,
While I lie here fighting perpetual doubt and fear.

The Moon is rising,
Kissed by Light,
As I Pray to the Heavens to make Everything Right.

The Stars will track Erebus, and then fade,
As another Day breaks into Night’s Shade,

And I will Wait,
With Breath bated,
For the Love that is Coming, Promised and Fated;

For even as Day
Turns ever to Night,
Faith Brings Heavens Blessings and Guided Sight.

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Silence mocks the Pounding of my Heart,
Forever Mute in this world of Propriety,
Where One Word from You,
One Glance,
Should Forever Alter my most Settled Existence,
Brightening Everything I know,
Illuminating All I hold Dear,
And Painting Promise upon the Morrow
Like the Brightest Dawn of Clearest Morn;
Silence is the word you Speak,
And failing to glance into my eyes,
My Heart, So Full, So Joyful and So Hopeful,
Stands in Mutiny against the notions my Love Pours Out.

Beautiful Original Artwork: ‘Recalling the Past” (1888). By Carlton Alfred Smith

To Love You For Eternity


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When the Light Falls
and Darkness Wheels in the Heavens,
It is then my Heart Pauses,
Released from Perpetual Racing,
to Pound in Time With Yours.

As a Myriad Reflections of Luminosity
Pierce the Ebon Spangle of the Night,
It is then my Mind Sighs Deep,
Untangling the Calamity of Thought,
To Rest quietly in Your Company.

If the Sun Ceased to Shine by Day,
And the Resplendent Moon by Night,
My Spirit would Seek You still,
Unraveling and Transcending Time
To Love You for Eternity.

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Reassurances Come


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Reassurances Come
When I am not even Thinking,
Keeping me Focused
When My Heart is sinking.

Whispers Come softly
While I am still Sleeping,
Straightening my tread
On the Course I am Keeping.

Smiles Rain down
From the Heaven’s Above,
Reminding me Always
Of Unconditional Love.

Joy in the Journey,
The Lesson I’m Learning,
Walking Beside me, You
Keep me from Turning.

Yet, when I do Stray
From the Path Leading Home,
And when Doubts fill my mind,
Reassurances Come.

Beautiful Photograph found on Google Image Search

Only One


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You Are Unmatched Beauty
You are Treasure Beyond Value
You Are the Only One
Who is You
So Cherish Yourself
As you are Cherished.


Friday Fantasy – Gossamer Webs – Sonnet 31


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Gossamer Webs

When Colours Speak in mortal Visage Tender,

Like Blushing Blossoms new on Fairest Spring,

The Lightest Smile of Grace would, Willing, render

All the Mercies of Thy Song to, Endless, Sing.

In Spirals Bright as Palest Morn upon yon Waking Hill,

And Timid Blush that warms the Maiden Cheek,

Thy Beauty dost Inhibit and dost Thrill,

While I, in Wonder Bound, Thy Smile Seek.

Thy hapless Dance of Earliest Season Greet,

As Golden Shimmers from the Crowned Sky do Fall,

Yet I would Abide, Delighted, at Thy Feet,

And Compass All my World In Thy Fair Hall,

But Spring does Fade as Beauty with its Ebbs,

And Tawny Autumn Comes too soon with Gossamer Webs.

Gossamer Webs2

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Michelle Phelan

The Sound of Silence

The Secret

A Note for my Friends. Yesterday and again today my comments and likes will be quiet, or Silent, as I am temporarily filling in at my job in an area where I am unable to access a computer. (amazingly!) I will, for this reason, only be posting out one Friday Fantasy today. I do hope you will enjoy it and relish The Sound of Silence, while you may ;)

Blessings to All of You :)




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I cannot tell you why
This music makes me cry,
Or Why I shiver, I shake,
While I lie awake
Thinking of You…
Dreaming of When
These emotions were True,
When We Were
and When We Shall Be

Beautiful Theme from the movie Last of the Mohicans


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