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Measure of unchanneled Mind,

Vision of Luminous Daytide, Singing,

Wisdom of unguarded Temples,

Mystery fortified and Contemplation Bringing;

As the Hours of Night descend,

As the Glass through which we Stare, Fades,

Lustrous as the Noonday Sun,

Billows in Waves of Impenetrable Shade.

Visitor from the Limitless Beyond,

Incomparable, Beyond our ken,

Stately entrance upon the Eastern Sky,

Breath substantial, though never again.


Silence stirring in Temporal Rhyme,

Splendor dimming the stars that Shine!

Beautiful Original Music by Hans Zimmer

Pleasing Sound


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Pleasing Soung

Oh Pleasing Sound,
Most Desirous to my Heart,
Healing the Soul, Trapped Deep Inside,
Locked within these bitter Tears,
Spanning Vast, Inconsequential Years,
Hearken to this Weeping in the deepest Night,
Aching for Your Sacred Light!

Marvel of Sweetest Marvel,
Glory to my Seeking Soul,
Breathing Deep Into this Yearning,
Make this Ocean of Misunderstanding Shoal.

Sweetest Sound these ears have Heard,
Singing in the Silence,
Sing to me,
While I Kneel in Quietest Repose,
Gathering each Blessed Melody like Treasure
Into my Greedy Embrace,
And Let Your Purest Singing Chase,
All that Frightens me,
All that Beckons me,
Far from Your Sweet Eternity.

Carry me Home upon You Song,
Transforming All that once was wrong,
Unto Your Vivid Splendor, Bringing,
While I Kneel and Hear You Singing!

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Igor Zenin



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Breath of Sweet Wonder

Whisper of Serenity

Stir my Every Sense

You may have noticed my distinct absence lately, and for that I do apologize. I have been centering my energy around writing in Dark Fey once again, as I have a Fall release date to meet.  It has been wonderful writing freely again, as, for a while, the words were not flowing.  Inspiration ebbs and flows like the tides and when it flows, as we all are very well aware, we must ride the wave or be left behind ruing the day! So do please be kind, be gracious, be humouring and forgive my lack of comments and my not getting round to visit all of you as I have done in the past.  I shall return, I promise!

Thank You Ever so much for your continued support and concern, your smiles and likes; They mean far more to me than I truly can ever tell you.  Many Blessings of Peace, Love, Hope and Joy my Sweet Friends!!!  And thank you, for the moment, for bearing my uncommented likes!


Friday Fantasy – Siren Song Haiku (Part Four)


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Siren Song 3

Verse Seven

Flash of Sharpened Blade
Panic Prompts unearthly Cry
Vicious Net Severed

Shouts of Rage and Ire
Tumbling into the Sea
Sweet Breath of Water

Freedom and Escape
Dash Away into the Deeps
Lingering Memory

Verse Eight

Hesitant Return
Garbled Noises from Above
Thunder Crashing Loud

Bright Flash then Hard Splash
Tumbling in the Dark Water
Dark Crimson Staining

Scent of Blood Screaming
Predators Circling Near
Blue Eyes of Terror



Verse Nine

Blue Ocean Darkness
Splash Amidst the Rolling Waves
Echoes Haunt the Depths

Pain and Fear Betray
Flaxen Tresses Surrounding
Sweet Unearthly Song

Gentle Touch of Life
Tender Kiss of Waking Breath
Blue Eyes Lock with Jade

The End

Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest
Mermaid Leaping Original Artwork by FK at
Mermaid Original Artwork by: Pipyr at
Tall Ship Original Artwork by: Andy Simmons
Unsigned Beautiful Mermaid Original Artwork found on Pinterest….original artist sadly unknown

Friday Fantasy – Siren Song Haiku (Part Three)


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Verse Five

Sights and Sounds Unknown
Fear Thrilling to Stir the Blood
Jeopardy Smiling

Strange Language Shouting
Impulsive Calamity
Nets Come Crashing Down

Suddenly Alone
Ripped from Calypso’s Embrace
Pain and Fear Betray

Verse Six

Life Giving Water
Falling from the Weeping Sky
Mix with Stinging Tears

Ruthlessness Staring
Poking Prodding Misery
Despair Closes In

Silence in the Rain
Gentle Touch Amidst the Greed
Blue Eyes of Mercy


Friday Fantasy – Siren Song Haiku (Part Two)


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Even Higher

Verse Three

Luminescent Kin
Enchantment of Fantasy
Smiling at Daylight

Breaking the Surface
Listening to Sweet Birdsong
Unknown Symphony

Raindrops Falling Down
Unfamiliar Sensation
Splash and Play in Joy

Verse Four

Thunder Crashing Loud
Lightning Reaching into Waves
Terror Grips the Heart

In Spite of Mortal Danger
Intrepid Wonder

Out of the Darkness
Hulking Vessel Gliding Close
All Creatures Scatter


Friday Fantasy – Siren Song Haiku (Part One)


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Siren Song 1

Verse One

Blue Ocean Darkness
Silence in the Deep Water
Waiting for Sunlight

Echoes Haunt the Waves
A Lingering Memory
Singing in Sweet Time

Glimmer of Brilliance
Splash Amidst the Rolling Waves
Clues Speaking Loudly

Verse Two

Rising from the Deep
Playing in the Breakers Foam
Tailfin Flashing Bright

Ribbons of Sunlight
Reaching into murky Depths
Smiles of Delight

Voice of Siren Song
Ancestral Tabernacle
Melody Sublime

….(More to come)

Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest

The Silence


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The Silence

Silence fills the corners of my mind
Sound without echo
Reason without Rhyme
Longing for Whispers that Mingle
Caresses that Sing
Tenderness that Sighs
Delivering my Senses from this desert
Lost in perpetual noise
Drowned in ceaseless chatter
Yearning for the Devotion of One
Love that Astonishes
Attraction that Defies
The Silence


Beautiful Original Artwork by: Yaga K at

Touching The Divine – NaPoWriMo


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Touching the Divine

Feel the Lingering Breath of Day, Caress my skin with Smiling,
Under the Soothing Reassurance of the Golden Setting Sun,
Close my eyes,
Breath is Still and Calm, Sweet Repose Long Sought,
Birdsong fills the Deepening Twilight, Echoes of the Dawn of Time,
Darkness meets my Questing gaze in Emptiness,

Draw a deeper breath,
Sweet Tranquility Reaches out,
Brushes her hand across my hurried thoughts and distracted musings,
Resting upon my Upturned cheek
As the Softest Touch of evening Unites with rhythmic breathing,




Into the Depths of Quiet Being,
Transposing the chaos of everyday into Harmonious Liturgy,
Heartbeat sounding in my hearing,
Reminder of Precious Life,



Lingering Longer,

As the Gentle Touch of Your Thoughts finds me,
And Instantly I Smile,




Time slips through the glass as Union breaks the bonds,
Unfetters the shackles of worry and suppressed fear,
Kisses my Spirit with Peace and Sublime Serenity,




Hovering Wings of Majesty,
Love Falling like misty rain, Surrounding, Enwrapping, Invigorating,
Catalyst of Untold Alteration, Merging, Joining,
Tears of Quintessential Joy Softly Singing,




Refreshed, Renewed in the Lavender Light,
Birdsong fading, Cicadas Droning, Darkness Falling,
Eternity Calling,
Deepest, Cleansing, Stirring Sigh,
Turning my Face Toward the Starlit Sky
In the Presence of all that Truly Shines,
In Moments, Alone,
Touching the Divine.


Beautiful Original Artwork by: Sortvind at

I Sing – NaPoWriMo


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I Sing 4

I Sing
When there is Silence
In the Breath of the Shimmering Night.

I Sing
Where there is Calmness
In the Glimmer of Expansive Starlight.


I Sing 3

I Sing
When there is Birdsong
Joyous in its Sweet Calamity.

I Sing
Where there is Spilling Rain
In Gentle Whispers of Tranquility.


I Sing 2

I Sing
After the Storm has Broken
In the Crescendo of thunderous Sound.

I Sing
As the Winds twist and bluster
Spinning like a maelstrom round.


I Sing 1

I Sing
At the foot of the mountain
Gazing up to the Spiraling Heights.

I Sing
When I hear Your Echo,
A Memory of Ancient Delights.


Beautiful Images-
Night Sky by:
Birds in Flight found at:
Thunderstorm Photo found on Pinterest
Crimson Crags of Cerro Torre Mountain in Patagonia, Argentina/Chile by Michael Anderson

Brilliance Lending Illumination


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Brilliance Lending Illumination



Brilliance Lending Illumination,
Touching All that I See and Know,
Casting Shadow across Trepidation,
Transcending Spectacle, Masterful Show.
Time Spinning in the Echoing Hush,
Strokes the Hours of Listless Fear,
While Subtle Incantations Rush
Like Streaming Light, Enticing and Clear.

Hallowed Music of Creation,
Singing in the Vast Unknown,
Lyric flowing without Cessation,
Praising Perfection in Evidence Shown.
Diaphanous and Seraphic Song,
Whispering in the Expanse of Night,
Guiding me back where I Belong,
In Blazing, Glorious, Tranquil Light.

Spirit Reaching for Blessed Spirit,
Rhapsody of Harmonious Sound,
Whisper so my Soul may Hear it,
Wandering Lost, by Your Grace am Found.

Exquisite Music: Crown of Creation by Jonathan Goldman
Beautiful Image found at :


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