Beneath and Beyond – NaPoWriMo


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Beneath and Beyond

As the Winds Moan and Sigh

And the Gales of this world

Rock this tiny skiff and billow its Sails,

The Nighttide Sings Sweetly

Beneath Effervescent Stars

That Glister through Untold Distances;

Beyond this Silhouette of Silence,

Past the Echoes of Forgotten Memory,

Light Pours through the Expanse,





Beautiful Image found on Pinterest. Credit acknowledged to the amazing Original Photographer. Thank You~

Write With Me


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Handwriting,ink and quill pen

Writing is an Inspiration that should be shared. At least, this is my view. I have enjoyed sharing the creative process with quite a few very talented and inspiring people and would love to share that experience with you as well. If you should like to write with me, please comment back to me. We can collaborate on a poem, short story, interview each other, do a movie review, or select an image and each write something about it just to see where our creative inspirations lead us. Let’s get together and share the Joy of Writing.

Here are the fine artists with whom I’ve collaborated so far:

Jaybluepoems :

Barb of acuriousgal:

Amy Pinkrose :

Ihsan of iiThinks:

Rajiv Chopra :

T Smith Knowles :

Ihsan of iiThinks :

Rajiv Chopra at:

Darius McCullum at:

Rajiv Chopra at: And at:

Melissa Barker-Simpson at: and at:

Audrey Dawn at:

Red Gladiola at:

Dorinda Duclos at:

Neha at:



Drifting With the Rill of Dreams – NaPoWriMo


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Rill of Dreams

Whispering Brook of Inspiration,
Tributary of fair Muses;
Sparkle through my Questing Dullness,
While the world confuses.

Your mind drifted
in the cool evening breeze
as you dreamt with the sky
in ease

Rill of Enigmatic Dreaming,
River of Harmonious Light;
Beguile as Reality sits moping,
Then Sing,
Through the Harrowing Night.

And your dreams scattered
like the tiny branches
illuminated by the golden light
of the sun

Living Source of Contemplation,
Bejeweled with Notions Bright and Fair;
Meander through this place of Sorrow,
While Dreams Entice and Prepare.

Your heart swayed
in the gentle, peaceful love
that was bestowed from far above
as you drifted with your dreams…
with your day’s work done.

Drifting in Dreams

This poem was written in collaboration with Neha from Neha’s lovely, lyrical, free-form poetry Always brings a Smile to my face and a Sigh to my Heart. Her Gentle, unhurried, effortless style makes her beautiful poetry delightful and easy to read, making you want to read more, and more, and more. (Don’t believe me? Stop on over to her blog and discover for yourself that I’m not making this up!) Neha and I decided to write two separate poems on the Theme: DREAMS. We each selected our own image as Inspiration and wrote three verses entirely independently of the other with the intent to merge them into one verse for the collaboration. My verse and image begin our poem, like a Dreamer Singing Praises to the Dream itself, then Neha’s verse comes in (in italics) as an answer: The Dream Whispering back to the Dreamer. Knowing how wistful and soothing Neha’s poems Always are, I was not surprised (Yet Utterly Amazed!) at the manner in which our independently written poems complimented each other. I hope you enjoy our joint venture and I HOPE there may be another someday.

Neha, Thank You for leaping into my crazy little idea with such enthusiasm and, as ever, such Grace and Delicate Poise. Writing with you has been an Absolute Delight :)


Beautiful photographs By: (top photo) Luis Borges Alves and (bottom photo) found on

The Visit


An Utterly Beautiful Piece that Truly touched my Spirit, having yet so recently lost my own Mother to Eternity. Soon…. :) Thank You Matthew for this Reminder that Love Is Eternal!!!

Originally posted on Embracing Home:


The constant ticking of the clock
That sits beside my bed
Sings a soothing lullaby
While the words waltz in my head

But there in a moment frozen in time
The ticking is heard no more
The lullaby words no longer dance
There’s a silence I can not ignore

A familiar scent fills the air
And I open my eyes to see
A trio of angels standing there
As my mother sits next to me

I wipe my eyes and look at my hands
I wonder is this all a dream
I cant help but smile as I hear the words
“It’s all just as it seems”

The angels took turns one by one
Sharing their visions and song
The ethereal sounds lingering still
Their energy gentle yet strong

There in that moment I felt her touch
My mothers hand was in mine
Gifted once more by heavenly grace

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Friday Fantasy – Tree of Life


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Tree of Life

Life Pouring

Through Your Embracing Arms,

Spilling over verdant green,

Lush and Magical,

Mystical Charms,

Singing, Dancing,

Like Butterflies of Joy,

Ever New, Ever Giving,

Never aiming to destroy.

Tree of Life,

Breathing Deep,

Water our Thirsty Garden,

Yet, Your Secrets, Quietly Keep.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: azot2014 at

Friday Fantasy – Capture My Heart – NaPoWriMo


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Capture my Heart

Capture my Heart,

Whisper upon Dreams,

Thunder roiling from Elemental Streams;

Calling the Wisdom of Inspiration,

Dance in the Breeze of Intrepid Aspiration,

Whistle in the wind as Oden Sighs,

Spiraling Magic on the wind as it Flies,

Capture my Heart,

Sing upon Dreams,

Mystery Intoxicating with Mythical Themes!

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Philippe Fernandez

Sigh – NaPoWriMo


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Breathe in the Passion and Mercy of this Day



Blessed by the Promise of Tomorrow

Brightened by the Pleasure of Now





Devoted to You in Fullness

Loving and Loved




All in Oneness

Oneness in All

Glory and Grace






Beautiful Original Artwork by: Sortvind at Deviantart

Illuminate – NaPoWriMo


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In our Darkness,
Shimmer Bright.


In our Midnight,
Blaze Glorious Light.


In our Shadows of Grief and Fear,
Your Radiant Love is Ever Near.


Beauty out of Blackness,


Wisdom from Emptiness,


Amazingly Beautiful Photograph found via Ben Rogers Blog. Thanks Ben!

Speak Beyond – NaPoWriMo


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Speak Beyond

Speak beyond the Borders of Time;

Beyond Mystery,


Beyond Rhapsody and Rhyme,

Into the Morning of Conscious Thought;

Into my Spirit like a Butterfly Caught.

Sing in Sweet Harmony Through all my Turmoil,

While the Tides of my ocean ebb and roil;

Whisper soft into the Heart of me,



Until I Hear, Until I See.


Beautiful Photograph found at:

A Dark Fey: Standing in Shadows Preview


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Since I have spent the weekend working on Dark Fey: Standing in Shadows, I thought I’d share a preview of The Uunglarda, The Realm of The Reviled.

Darkness lay thick and unyielding; like a heavy mantle smothering from every direction at once. Pungent and prodding, the intense murk was sooty with the condensing smoke of a thousand fires, the only source of light permitted in the, otherwise, bleak city. As it curled in the streets and avenues, turning frequented ways into misleading paths that made even those most familiar with them turn about more than once to reorient themselves, layers of damp mist leached downward from the leaden sky. Out of the dimness that poured from the ashen buildings and sank from above, voices of discontent and misery echoed insidiously. Unmistakable cries of torment serrated the dense atmosphere; yet, from those same environs, delirious laughter also scathed into the brooding night, confusing the ear and twisting the heart with uncertainty and dread.

The city was rank with a petulant odor; sour and reeking from the scent of sulfur, which burned in the grates as the city’s chief source of light and heat. Drawing close in order to soothe the soul and extract some meager warmth or find any sense of direction meant breathing in the malodorous stench that twisted the stomach until it could be born no longer, chasing the one seeking momentary solace back into the shadows. There was little warmth in the darkness; an unshakable, seeking chill melted through clothes regardless of the protection of layers. In the burgeoning gloom, buildings pressed together in misaligned, shoddy workmanship, some leaning precariously or half fallen in tatters and on every street raucous taverns and brothels tainted the air with lascivious noise and drunken abandon.

Through the curling shadows and dusky fog, a willowy, silent figure moved; draped in darkness that reflected the dimness around it and intensified the obscuring confusion of shade it seemed to carry along with it as it stole silently down the street. Muffled by the thick smog that twisted in the air, the form made no sound whatsoever, but drifted past the beetling shoppes and foul brothels like a ghost brazenly wandering through the haze. None who passed this cloaked figure took notice of it; no heads turned as it paused at the corner beneath a spluttering lamp of burning, sulfurous, gas; not a single bystander gazed in its direction as it moved silently down the narrow street towards the edge of town and when it turned the corner, disappearing into the blackness like a shadow melting into graying twilight, no trace of its passage was left behind.

Turning the darkened corner, the ebon shadow paused, the silhouette of its garments contracting as if the figure were doubling over and a muffled sound, like that of despair, slipped outward into the murk. Silence greeted this hushed cry; yet, as if in echo, a child’s wail pierced the heavy gloom. The keening sound was not close by, yet it pealed through the dismal atmosphere like the sharp clangor of a tolling bell and all who heard it shrank, stifling the evidence of such misery in whatever escape lay close at hand: the amber spirits contained within a bottle, the silvery secret injected directly into veins, or the fleeting, wanton embrace that left a deeper yearning than what it satisfied.

As the half seen figure stood motionless, the piteous sounds of the city gathered around it like moths drawn to an open flame, demanding to be noticed in spite of the listener’s desire for deafness. Reality in the Uunglarda was caustic as acid and burned just as deeply, compelling the figure to move hastily onward in spite of its slowed pace. ………

Image found at:

Saturday Showcase – Blessings and Giggles


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Blessings and Giggles

Blessings and Giggles?

Yes, why not? After all, God invented Laughter, so why not share our giggles and smiles with the world? It could be easy, I suppose, to sit long faced, moping, sullen, brooding, cantankerous, but what purpose does it serve? One only ends up vexing everyone , including oneself!

As Children we smile and giggle throughout the day. We laugh, we play, we make up rhymes ( and some of us never stop doing that!), we create words, (or that!) we reach out to others with open hearts and smiling spirits. So what happens to change that and when? Metaphysics may not be my PhD, it may not be my cup of tea (yep, there I go rhyming again), but where do the giggles go? What brings reality crashing down upon us to make laughter stale and smiles sour?

I cannot tell you, but for every frown, there IS a smile, somewhere, waiting to be shared. For every growl of anger or bitterness, there IS an infectious giggle just waiting to burst forth, and for every scoff of derision and unkind muttering there IS a light-hearted tune playing quietly in the background…somewhere. It may be half way around the world, and it may be just next door, it’s hard to say, really, where you may find it or when it may suddenly, smilingly, appear, but it IS there.

Now, what if you were the melodious tune being whistled? What if you were the genuine smile offered in the face of a scowl? What if you supplied the unexpectedly mirthful giggle? Whose life might you lighten and brighten? Whose day might be inexorably altered? If that person thought Happiness was miles away and, instead, it was just in the next office cubicle, or beside them on the tube, or in the next car while mired in rush hour traffic, then Heaven would be, briefly, within reach, wouldn’t it?

And YOU would be the Angel winging Love and Hope, Peace and Joy and GIGGLES, to the world.

So yes, Blessings and Giggles, my dear Friends.

~Blessings and Giggles~

Beautiful Photograph found on Google Image Search. Credit given to the original photographer for this Wonderful Capture!

Friday Fantasy – Beyond the Borders of Imagination


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Beyond the Borders

Beyond the Borders of Imagination

Where Calamity melds with conflagration,

Bewildering Paradox, millennia old,

Tempt and Beguile like Shimmering gold,

While Secrets Whispered ‘fore the Birth of Time,

Sing Enchantments in Spellbinding Rhyme.

There in the Haven of Enshrouding Balm,

Where Tempests Ease into Alluring Calm,

Shadows and Magic Sparkle in Ethereal Spells,

And Mystery Tempts, while Uncertainty Quells,

While All Round, Where Imagination May Reach,

Inspiration Waits, Her Faire Lessons to Teach.


Beautiful Original Artwork by Ucchiey

Ancient Story – NaPoWriMo


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Ancient Story

Delicate Calm of Morning Bluster,

Revive my Heart like a rousing Muster,

Clasp my Spirit in your Gentle Embrace,

Doubts Dissolve without a Trace

In the Shimmering Majesty of your Temperate Glory,

Ever New, Ever Singular, Though Antediluvian Story.


Beautiful Photograph found on


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