Love Can


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Because I Love

Love Can Touch the Heart of the Soul,

Love Can Create a Vision of Unity,

Love Can Break down Boundaries,

If You Open Your Heart and Your Spirit to it’s Purity.

Love Can Dance on the Wings of the Wind,

Love Can Smile at the Barred, Closed Door,

Love Can Give All, Asking Nothing in Return,

Love Can Face Doubt, Ever True, Ever Sure.

Love Can Bring Joy and Peace Beyond Measure,

But Only When Love is Invited Within,

Love Can Be Blessing More Precious than Treasure.

Only When Love is Allowed to Begin.


Deliberate- a Collaboration


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Deliberate Plea

This Beautiful poem is the beginning of a collaboration Kim of Peace, Love and Patchouli blog found at and I are working on. The idea may sound convoluted, but its a test of Inspiration and prompts. I Sent her this beautiful artwork and the title for the poem (Deliberate) and she had to come up with the verse. Then, she sent me an image and a title for the next poem which I will write. Round and round we go (until we get bored or find a perfect stopping point, whichever comes first!) If you haven’t read her Beautiful poetry before, I strongly recommend visiting her blog, filled with the most lyrical phrases, delicate verses, profound notions wrapped in ethereal prose and lovely photography and artwork. This is what drew me in when I first met Zippy, as I call her (derived from the Infinite Zip screen name she uses) and what keeps me coming back for more and more and more. I hope you enjoy this first verse in our extended collaboration. More to follow, week to week, as we continue to test and inspire each other.

You come to me
Deliberate and gentle
In my weakest moment
You gather me close
Skin touching skin
Please, let us begin.
Passion fills the air around
Touch me now,
Don’t let me down
I am filled
My cup overflowing
You are all I desire,
With you my soul is on fire
As we are love inspiring
Take me now,
One more time.

~Morgan & Kim ~
Beautiful Original Artwork by: talantbek chekirov

In the Lime Light – Michelle James / Book Chat Blog


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Book Chat

Please allow me to Introduce Michelle James, Quintessential Bookie, Reviewer, and lover of words. Michelle is the author of the blog Book Chat, as well as a reliable source of Encouragement, Friendship and Smiles!

About Her Blog:

Tell us about your Blog.
I started BookChat in June 2013 to share the books I love reading through reviews, as well as to promote the authors of those books. To this end, I do not post any review that I give less than three stars.
I have expanded to reblogging interesting posts that fit into the topic of writing. Occasionally, I enter challenges such as the A to Z Challenge (check out my blog to see how much fun I had with the A-Z). As the proud mom of three sons and grandmother to three grandsons and one granddaughter, you will find an occasional, and hopefully not too obnoxious, post about them.

What Inspires you?
People who challenge themselves to complete tasks they thought difficult, if not impossible. A 90 year old completing a marathon, a giant reaching down to help the helpless, or a community coming together after the unthinkable are a few examples of the types of things that inspire me.

How do you choose what you want to review on your blog?
I read other reviews and book blurbs, and by word of mouth. If it is a dark subject or belongs to a genre I don’t enjoy, I don’t read/review it.

What is the Best part about having a blog all about books?
The best part has to be getting to read ARC’s. I love reading something that isn’t available to the general public yet. It’s the same feeling I think many people get when they peek or open a present before Christmas.

What is the Hardest part about doing a review?
When I read a book and don’t get around to writing a review until the last minute. I don’t work well under pressure. My best reviews are the ones I do as soon as I finish reading a book while everything is fresh. Sometimes I am so engrossed in reading, that I feel as though I am part of the story. That is the very best time to review a book.

About Michelle:

Michelle James

Describe yourself in Five Words.
Loyal, honest, hardworking, caring, thrifty.

Tell us about You when you were a child.
When I was a child, I was rarely without my nose in a book. If I wasn’t reading I could be found climbing trees (did you know that perched in a tree is a delightful place to read a book?) and playing in the forest. Playing a game of football with the neighborhood guys was always fun (they were almost always short one player), but I had to stop and get cleaned up before my dad came home from work – he would not have been too happy to see his daughter tackling and being tackled. When I wasn’t in tomboy mode, I loved to play with dolls (and still do).
I loved school. Math, English, and foreign languages were my favorite subjects.

If you could go anywhere, do anything, regardless of expense, describe your Perfect Day. ( I LOVE her answer!)
Any day, anywhere I can spend with my family is a perfect day.

If you could invite Five People (from the past or present) to a dinner party, who would you invite and why?
John Glenn has to be my first choice because he is a true American hero. He dedicated his life to our country, as a Marine, an astronaut, and as a Senator. If that wasn’t enough, he helped our middle son with a school project when he was in sixth grade. He is a highly intelligent and gracious person and a true patriot.
Emily Dickinson would definitely have to come. It is though her works that I learned to love poetry.
No invitation list would be complete without Louisa Mae Alcott. I started reading her books as a young girl, and she led me from one book to another, engendering my love for reading.


The Tasmanian Devil would be my guest of honor. Taz would grace my party with his wit, charm, and intelligence. He is so light and graceful on his dainty little feet. Speaking of feet, he swept me off mine the first time I saw him.
Last, but not least, I would love my grandmother to join us for dinner. She loved to read and shared her books with me throughout my teen years and up until her death in 1980. She was not only a wonderful, warm, and caring person, she was my greatest role model.

What is your Mantra in Life?
Just do it.

Thank you. Morgan, for inviting me here to BooknVolume today. It was fun chatting with you.

A bit about me…
After college, I entered the workforce, but soon left that behind when my children were born. While raising my sons, I embarked on a fulfilling volunteer path for such groups as our local children’s hospital, church, neighborhood association, PTA, classroom volunteer, Kindervelt, military academy parents’ organization, and Make-a-Wish. Volunteering enabled me to develop lifelong leadership skills and establish an extensive professional and social network. Of course, I have always been a voracious reader, seeking out books that are both fulfilling and enjoyable.
I am married to my soul mate and have three amazing adult sons and two wonderful daughters-in-law. My grandchildren (three grandsons and one granddaughter) bring me the greatest joy imaginable.

My blog and social media:

Thank YOU Michelle, not only for allowing me to Spotlight you and your amazing blog, but for your Friendship and continued enthusiasm and support. It means the world to me, as do YOU :)

Taz image found on Warner

In the Lime Light


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Weekends are Wonderful. Plus they are the only time I get to concentrate on writing (Dark Fey) without work interrupting. Over the past few months I have attempted to find a balance between work, social media, writing and Family, and have come to the determination that weekends need to be separated into a category all their own, where I can write without work OR social media. However, I do not wish to neglect BnV or any of you, THUS, I have come up with a nifty, and I hope pleasing (to all of you) alternative.


Introducing In The Lime Light!

What, you may ask, is In The Lime Light? Well, simply put, its a weekend-long post that will spotlight One Of YOU, because, after all, YOU are the reason BnV is where it is and part of the reason I do what I do (the other part is sheer insanity, but that is covered in my first post or two). In The Lime Light will endeavor to Share one (lucky?) Individual each weekend with all of you and all of my Twitter and Facebook followers (numbering some odd 9K number) to Show Case Your Blog, Your Writing, Your own social media and so forth.

Therefore, Be Warned or Get Ready ! My first official In The Lime Light post shall appear tomorrow (not quite at the crack of dawn, because, as many of you are already very well aware, I am NOT the morning person). Also, if you are interested in sharing what you do via what I do, drop me a comment and we can draw up our battle plans, er, make arrangements!

And as Ever, Thank YOU for humouring me and your Support of my (insane) little whims :) Blessings My Friends!


Friday Fantasy – Companion


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Shades of Thought, Quietly Transcending,

Lilting Echoes of Light, Bending,

Song of Ancient Memory, Sing,

Paradox unto Thy Companion, Bring;

Whispers of the Daytide, Softly Borrow,

Forgotten until the Rise of Tomorrow,

While All the world beneath Thy Haze,

Nod their heads in a Blissful Daze.

True Companion, Ever Tending,



Silently Bending,

Beguile and Tempt; With Starlight Infuse,

Employ Thy Gaze to Lovingly Confuse.


Blue Moon


In Honour of Today’s Rare Blue Moon.
Beautiful Original Artwork by Sheila Wolk. Beautiful photograph found on Pinterest. Credit Acknowledged to the Original Photographer. Thank You!

Friday Fantasy – Midnight


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The Candle is dimming as Midnight Bears her head,
Letting her Cascading Tresses tumble forth upon the Night,
Sighing Deeply, she Raises her hands slowly over her head,
Releasing from her Gentle Grasp the Diamonds of Light she Holds,
Scattering Temptation that Sparkles and Glitters in the Hush.

In the Shifting Shades the Dim Hours Sing from Vastness,
She Sways and Turns in subtle, slow Suspirations,
Smiling in the Whispering blackness,
Wrapping her arms around her Lover,
Hesitant to waken him with the Breath of Morn
As she watches him Dream.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Achaea at Deviantart

Friday Fantasy – Absinthe


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She Lives to Tempt You,

She Dreams of Ruse,

Employing Seduction

To Play and Confuse;

Lingering Within,

She Watches and Waits,

Smiling Enticingly

While you Tempt your Fate.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: insolense

The Love Affair


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Love Affair

***This Amazing Poem was written by my Good Friend Ste J from the book blog Book to the Future found at: Not only has he captured in the most eloquent language precisely how I feel about Words, but his USE of words is, in my humble opinion, Breathtaking. I couldn’t simply reblog it and hope a few might wander over to his blog to read it in its entirety. I had to share it wholly and completely. My Tribute to his Tribute to Our Shared Love Affair with Words.


Lilting, coruscating, amorphous

The simple serendipity of a thesaurus,
The nebulous wonder of infinite word combinations, linked together like the great constellations.

Sultry, dulcet, ebullient

Words. Sometimes a harbinger, at times a denouement but always a panoply of reverence in one’s own demesne.
Whether the susurrus of turned pages or the sonorous language contained within,
The full flow of expression written and imbibed, is mine to cherish and cultivate.

mellifluous, sumptuous, tranquil

A pure rhapsody of ever-changing felicity,
suffuse with redolent comprehension.
The zenith of my love surrounds me always, infused within, now and for tomorrow.


Thank You Ste J. Utterly Profound. Simply Beautiful.

Image found at which shows a dictionary of thieving slang from 1736



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Looking Glass

Of Forgotten Memory,

Glimmering Mirror

Of Remembered Time,

Hope of my Hope,

Soul of my Soul,

Twin of my Heart

Sing of Sweet Rhyme!

Beautiful Photograph found on . Thank You to the Original photographer.



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Pandemonium creeps
Like Sultry Darkness Sinking,
Caressing and Enveloping
With Gently seeking hands;
Warm water, spilling intoxicatingly;
Velvet Wine, spiraling lazily,
While the Inner Turmoil of Thought
Doubles back upon itself,
A Quagmire of Confusion
Epitomizing chaos
In Silent, Dystrophic tones.
Yet Ever,
The Soft Touch of Light,
Of Hope,
Of Inspiration,
Sings her ethereal Song,
Barely Perceptible
above the Pandemonium,
Except to Those Who Listen.

Beautiful Original Artwork by Jἐẑḝỹ~ḎẫԻkẶἤgἑ₤


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