A Philosophical Twist on Dark versus Light- #Epic #YA #Fantasy


The Reviled are the enemy.​ They embody brutality in every form. The Fey of the Light know only too well how savage the Dark Fey can be and daring to think otherwise invites tragedy.

Gairynzvl was once one of the Reviled and lived the riotous life of all Dark Ones, but his acceptance by The Fey of the Light has changed all that.​ Now, he is opposing The Reviled by returning into their dark realm and rescuing childfey. The actions taken by him and his band of Liberators are not only changing lives, they are fulfilling ancient prophecies and proving long-accepted beliefs inaccurate.

Those who have lived in the Light all their lives are suddenly faced with unavoidable questions. How is peace achieved? Can Light unite with Darkness? Can all the atrocities the Dark Ones have inflicted really be forgiven?​

The Fey of the Light have a deadly choice to make:​ ignore the emerging truth or risk the tranquility of their realm and go to war to offer the Reviled a chance to change.Dark Fey Breaking Into The Light asks the questions, can we truly understand another’s misery without knowing the extent to which they suffer? Would we willingly risk our lives for someone without experiencing some measure of their pain, despair, or anger?​

​ ​ Reviewed by Book Review Directory – 4 Stars A tale of battle, redemption, and an empathetic look at one’s stance against “evil,” this book will appeal to fantasy fans who like a story that makes them think. Full of fanciful creatures, strange languages, and exotic names, the story is a philosophical twist on the perennial tale of dark versus light.



Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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