Midnight- #Poetry of the #Naturalworld


The Candle dims as Midnight bears her head, Her Cascading tresses tumbling forth upon the Night.
Sighing, her hands raise overhead as she releases from her Gentle clasp the Diamonds of Light she Holds,
Scattering Temptation that Sparkles and Glitters in the Hush.

In the shifting shades and indigo silence, the hours Sing from the Vastness.  She sways and turns,  subtle and slow,
Smiling into the Whispering blackness.  Wrapping her arms around her Lover, she is hesitant to waken him with the breath of Morn.
Transfixed, she allows the night to deepen as she watches him Dream.

Poetry and Artwork by ~Morgan~


    1. I am honoured by such a comparison…thank you Ever so much 🙂 So happy this may have touched your heart and brought a smile.

      Happy Tuesday ! Giggles and Blessings 🙂


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