Long Night- #Poetry of the #NaturalWorld


Velvet Lavender in the Glittering Night,
Stretching, Reaching, for Ribbons of Light.
Yawning Boughs that Nod their Heads,
Warmly Tucked in their Snowy Beds,
Dreaming of Summer’s Languid Days,
While Starlight, Dancing in the Dark Skies, Plays.
Stillness Caressing the Silence, Seeking
Winter’s Precious Breath, Quietly Keeping,
Until the Kiss of Sunlight Stirs Once More,
Upon the Threshold of the Long Night’s Door.

Beautiful Image found at: The Startrail.com


    1. Thank you so much, Sherry. When I found this image, I stared at it in awe-struck wonder. It is so very very beautiful.
      Thank You Ever So for stopping 😉


    1. Thank You Ever So Much. I marvel at your perspective, it is truly amazing. Often the words come, I write them, but don’t always see what others do. That is the special joy and miracle of blogging and readership.
      (but that is another post… ) 🙂
      Thank you for stopping!


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