Captive – #LovePoems and #Romance


Long I Listen To You, Love,
Unraveled by Your Charms, Unspoken;
Lost in the Warmth of Your Hand, Holding Mine;
Enchanted by the Antics in Your Smile;
Beguiled by the Sound of Your Most Pleasing Voice.

Oh, That I could Listen to You Speaking, All the Night,
In Words of Sweet Succession,
Signifying Your Love’s Devotion,
Or Telling Nothing, Random Musings,
All for the Love of Your Captivating Voice.

Sing to My Fluttering Heart, My Love,
Whisper in my Attent Ear,
Oh That I May Ever Hear The Honeyed Tone of Your Voice,
In Sweet Succor of my Fainting Heart
That Pants in it Encapsulation,
Captive to Your Every Word.






Beautiful Artwork found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Artist.  ~Thank You ~

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