Where is Love? – #poetry of #Spirituality

Where is Love

Why all this darkness?
Why all this fear?
Why all the hateful rumours and unjustified Lies?
Why all the torment, ugliness, cruelty and loathing?

Why am I alone?
Why am I neglected?
Why am I lost in this sea of doubt and anxiety?
Why am I overwhelmed by sadness and despair?

Where is God in All of this?
Where is Love in All this horror?
Where is Peace during war, strife, anger, resentment?
Where is Compassion in All the exploitation, disregard, and profiteering?

God is inside Me,
Love is Within My own Heart,
Peace Rests upon My Shoulders,
Compassion Lies in the Palm of My Hand,

Beautiful Artwork found at: rassouli.com

12 thoughts on “Where is Love? – #poetry of #Spirituality

  1. Oh I love this, Morgan–and I heard a message by Joseph Prince recently, wherein he spoke of “aggressive peace”: we don’t keep IT, IT keeps US! I needed that enhancing clarity, as I was struggling mightily to hang onto His peace–and not having much success; but it changed my perspective, and I relaxed, was able to REST IN HIM. God bless you!

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 His words are always a good reminder…its so easy to get bogged down by what we are going thru and then we forget that love, hope and peace are right there. This is partly why I wrote this… 😉


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