Slithers – #Dark #Halloween #FlashFiction


Shadows slithered along the deserted alleyway like writhing serpents. I stepped carefully, watching the darkened corners with the penetrating gaze of a terrified animal. Somewhere in the midst of the gloom, the one I sought had hidden himself and coming upon him unawares was perilous in the extreme. Dark tides of time washed across my path, marooning me in a vast ocean of treacherously flickering streetlights. Echoes of the night reverberated down the damp walls lining the backstreet, their shudders mirroring my own as I crept forward with deliberate stealth. A few additional paces and I’d be free, released from the harrowing confinement like a dove set to soar and my heartbeat quickened in anticipation.

It was not to be.

In that brief moment, everything turned upside down. Panic pushed the bounds of my mental and physical limits. Unparalleled terror pitched me into a frenzy of flailing limbs and earsplitting shrieks that scathed through the night like a reprise of the days of Jack the Ripper. I was the embodiment of horror, held captive by the icy grip of fear.

In the chaos, the tarantula crept from beneath a shadow leaching across my path, looked up at me and laughed.






Beautiful Photograph is : Alley_on_a_Foggy_Night_by_jheintz21


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