#YAFantasy Breaking Into The Light #FREE #AudioBook

 I am delighted to announce that Book Three of my

YAFantasy Breaking Into The Light is Now Available on Audible!


FREE Audiobooks are available for a limited

time. Comment below for a FreeCoupon 🙂


Merciless and untrustworthy, they embody brutality and devastation. The Fey of the Light have lived with these truths for millennia; daring to think otherwise invites tragedy.

Gairynzvl was a Reviled Fey and lived the riotous life of all Dark Ones, yet now he is rescuing younglings from the darkness. The actions taken by him and his band of Liberators are fulfilling ancient prophecies, and proving long-accepted beliefs inaccurate.

Those who have lived in the Light all their lives are suddenly faced with unavoidable questions. How is peace achieved? Can Light unite with Darkness? And in the end, will the Fey of the Light sacrifice everything to achieve that which seems impossible, or turn their heads and ignore the growing shadow around them?



Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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