Masterpiece- #Poetry and #Meditations of the #NaturalWorld

Masterpiece 1

How Truly Beautiful is this world. How Rich in Colour, Texture, Light, Shadow, Shades and Hues both Vivid and Pale, Stark in contrast and Harmonious in their blendings. Each day the golden shimmering orb of pale and violent splendor raises his head and Smiles down upon us, glistering and, sometimes, glowering in Radiant Grandeur, waiting for us to See, to pause, to raise a hand in Breathless Wonder beneath its superior glow and stand, for a moment, Transfixed.

Masterpiece 2

Each evening the luminous moon in subtle beauty slips delicately from her ebon shroud and Sings a song of ethereal Enchantment. Gentle and patient, she glides in regal effortless flow across the bejeweled spangle, her silvery luminescence a Gift to all who lay aside their restless haste, if only for the briefest of moments, to Gaze upon her shimmering show.

Autumn Mountain Foliage

The Earth is Filled to overflowing with verdant greens, supple yellows, resplendent reds, breathtaking blues, passionate purples, vibrant oranges, pale pinks, rich russets and auspicious auburns that Proclaim for all to See and to all who may Hear, should they Choose to, the Loving Touch of the Artistโ€™s Hand.

Each mountain that has stood for millennia;

Masterpiece 3

Each forest that has echoed with the song of the wolf and the cicada for eons;

Masterpiece 4

Each tranquil pastoral glen that shimmers beneath the Kiss of the sun;

Masterpiece 5

Each quiet beach that sings a rhythmic, oceanic song;

Masterpiece 6

Each deep, mysterious blue sea that shields another world entire;

Masterpiece 7

Each frosty glacier and windswept barren, giving and renewing life;

Masterpiece 8

Each tawny desert filled with sand and silence;

Masterpiece 9

Each roadside garden springing with wildflowers;

Masterpiece 10

Each nook and crevice of forgotten wilderness;

Masterpiece 11

Each Smile, Each Tear, Each Freckled Face;

Masterpiece 12

A Masterpiece of Beloved Oeuvre waiting for its audience,

Waiting for You, Waiting for me,

To Pause,

To Sigh,

To Lovingly See.

Beautiful Photographs found on Google and Pinterest. Credit Acknowledged to the Original Photographers.

Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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