Preface to #Dystopian #Fantasy The Mercy Series


I know, I know…I’ve been inordinately quiet lately and have been posting infrequently.  My humblest apologies 😦  I’ve been working on book three of my newest series, The Mercy Series, for most of the year along with marketing, promotion, reviewing, and…oh yeah, my 9-5.  It hasn’t been without some fairly remarkable results however.

Im delighted to say that The Mercy Series has already won multiple awards, including the Independent Author Network Fantasy Book of the Year, Readers Favorite Silver Medal Finalist for Fantasy Book of the Year, Amazon Best Seller, 3 Readers Favorite 5-Star Reviews, and the single-most, absolutely exciting thing of all has been contracted with GoldenNetwork.TV for their upcoming ROKU Streaming Library!

Because I’ve been working hard developing this story, I thought I would share the preface of book three…which prefaces the entire series, really.  I hope you’ll find it intriguing!


Long before human beings were created, the Angels and Archangels existed; their abode, the Realm Beyond.  Beyond the earth-plane.  Beyond cognitive perception.  Beyond sight, sound, and touch.  The Beyond is where all forms of energy originate and to where all forms of energy return.  It is where perfection is considered the norm; where all beings are made up of energy that is in harmony with all the energy around them. In this place, darkness and light, positive and negative, power and fragility are balanced.  There is no evil intent and there is no selfish thought.  It is a place of peace, harmony and accord where each energy has a purpose that encompasses positivity.

In the great spans of time before the reign of humans, a portion of the dark energy that existed in harmony with the light chose to separate itself. Its purpose became sullied; its compassion grew self-limiting and its generosity twisted into greed.  This dark energy beguiled and tempted, drawing power from the bright, positive energy it devoured.  It expanded, taking and manipulating, perverting and distorting, until its influence became too disruptive.

Like a contagion against which the body defends itself, the malignant, encompassing dark force was opposed by the positive forces around it. The battle was mighty and pitched the entire cosmos into chaos.  Some energies were lost and others chose to follow where others would not go; yet ultimately positive energy prevailed. Banished to the Realm Beneath, the corruption of darkness was expelled.  It was not destroyed.

To eliminate the opposite of itself, even though it posed a great threat, would be to create instability.  It would cause in imbalance of energy.  The Realm Beyond is balance and equanimity to its very core.  It cannot create what it is not; thus, the darkness was expelled, but not eliminated.

Between these two opposing dominions lies the earth-plane.  The realm of all that is corporeal.  In an attempt to balance the disorder created by the expulsion of dark energy from their realm, each Archangel gave a portion of themselves, of their energy, in the creation of humanity. Traits such as strength, loyalty, kindness, patience, obedience, forgiveness, mercy and other positive attributes were gifted and human beings were given breath.  They gained dominion over all other forms of life, yet as the wheels of time turned the earth-plane became a domain of perpetual conflict, where light and dark clash unceasingly; where positive and negative, once again, do not balance.

The earth-plane and the realms Beyond and Beneath are connected through spiritual corridors that forms of energy understand how to traverse.  These corridors are utilized every hour of the day and night as the battle continues.  Darkness seeks to consume while light strives to achieve harmonious stability and in a final effort to reunify, four powers of inconceivable influence are released.

The Horsemen Ride.

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