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“Think of now, what the universe is, millions of galaxies, and among them is our little planet.  For it is here and only here that we are working out our destiny.  We all exist in the same atmosphere, why then do we separate and distinguish? Always striving against each other for power and supremacy?

The Harmony of being is when we feel the suffering of every creature in our own hearts.

Are we not all Earthlings? Each and every one of us? Each person, animal, tree, ocean, rock, insect.” –  Unity*

How do we love? What stirs our spirit? Where can we create Unity?

These days have become so dark, so full of hate, so full of suspicion.  How do we breathe in a world where each breath is open for criticism and each action can cause offense?  Do we walk through the pages of our lives, writing each chapter while oblivious to all but ourselves?

Are we able to look into the face of another and see ourselves? Can we feel the pain of another without knowing them?

Do we hide in the oppressive shadows darkening the world or do we look beyond for a glimmer of light?  Do we step courageously into the fray and quietly offer an alternative or do we walk away and close our eyes?

Does the light of a single candle truly change the world?  I say it can.  It Does, but only when I hold a candle, and you hold a candle; when we share the glimmers of our candles with those around us and they share theirs with still more.  Then, the shadows fall away.  When we hold our lights up in the gloom, the darkness is broken.

But it is a choice.

Daily. Purposefully Made.

It is Action and Reaction. It is Yin and Yang.

Black and white.

Love or hate.

These are but a choice.

Daily. Purposefully Made.

Give or Take.

Act or Watch.

Harmony or Conflict.

How will you choose?


“Maybe if we felt any loss as keenly as we felt the death of one close to us – human history would be a lot less bloody.” – Riker- Star Trek Next Generation


* Learn More about UNITY

Beautiful Photograph found at: webmd.com, Pinterest.com and by Elena Shumalova