Happy BnVersary BooknVolume! – #BloggingMilestones


SEVEN years? Seven whole years?  Is it even possible? 7 years of endless (well, nearly) blather, prattle, amalgamations, poetically engineered terms, and sentences long enough to make even Charles Dickens envious in a celebration of Words Words Words!

Yes, Indeed!  Today is Booknvolume’s Seventh Anniversary 🙂  Or BnVersary, as I like to say (thus the aforementioned ‘amalgamations’) and I simply had to share the joy!  After all, if you didn’t love words as much as I, you wouldn’t be here; certainly wouldn’t continue to return day after day (or week after week) to see what Morgan is Musing about now.  Perhaps I’m doing something ‘write’; perhaps it’s sheer morbid curiosity on your part; who’s to say, really, but at the end of the day, this non-descript little blog has brought MUCH joy to my life (and hopefully a portion to yours as well) 🙂  You may know me rather well by now. You might be quite familiar with my ramblings, and you may understand exactly how words move my heart and soul (perhaps because they move you similarly) but the following expresses it so well, I simply had to share it (again).  And for those of you who may be new to BnV, this may, perhaps, shed some light into exactly how much I LOVE words.


…Since my thoughts are flying in a rather confusing array of directions, at least at the present moment, I thought I would preface this post with the aforementioned disclaimer before I end up lost somewhere in the wilds of Uzbekistan with you sitting there with that particularly enchanting, though perhaps somewhat frustrating (at least for you) puzzled expression on your face that most people end up having when they sit down and read one of my whirling words posts, most particularly on night’s such as this when the words are flowing faster than I can logically keep up with, though often, depending upon the moon’s cycle or how much chocolate and/or caffeine I may have had before sitting down to begin writing, it can be a rather bewildering experience; whereat, being the kindhearted soul that I am, and never wishing to intentionally lead someone into a grammatical quagmire, as I am for all intents and purposes a good soul ( though you and I both know that even good souls have halo’s that glow neon red now and again) I generally tend to use this moment of perplexity to point out that I did warn you, my dearest readers, very early on in our relationship (that being the early days of BnV) that I do have the most annoying (or potentially amusing, depending once again upon the aforementioned phase of the moon or how much chocolate or caffeine You’ve ingested before beginning to read) predilection to run off on wild tangents of verbosity that would make even Charles Dickens’s head ache, but let that go.

Word Count: 258
Sentences: 1
Passive Sentences: 0
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 52.2 …. YES!!!!!!!!!!! (My work here is done, thank you)

It is moments such as this that give me the oddest, yet greatest pleasure and were during my high school years, amusingly, opportunities for me to stretch my writing skills to such degrees that my English professor ( a very good soul indeed who loved words nearly as much as I did/do) resorted to noting that my fondness for crafting compound-complex sentences on the backs of my test papers during the remaining time I had in class (because I often finished the tests early, being rather good in English class, perhaps not entirely surprisingly) and then diagramming them for the sheer delight of doing so was, in his opinion, a very strong indicator that I had, either, some form of mental derangement not yet diagnosed, or, I was a word-smith in the making. (oooo Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 53.8! Marvelous! )

You may at this moment tend to agree and I would not argue the fact, but before I leave you with a beautifully muddled expression, please allow me Bestow this final thought:

To Write; To Paint with Words as an Artist Bedecks his canvas with hues and shades and layers of pigmentation; To Sing a Melody upon which the gaze may Linger and over which the Heart may Muse again and again: To Create visual Splendour with grammar and language that is, perhaps, fundamentally underutilized or neglected ( and to use Capitalization in the most maddening, although previously explained, manner), to me, is the most Beguiling form of Intoxication in which I could ever take Pleasure and, for you, Dear Intrepid Reader, to Undertake the Journey; to Brave the Frontier of Superfluous Verbosity and reach the shore with a Smile (though, perchance, to some extent exhausted), is, Hopefully, far more Rewarding an Endeavor than many.


I hope you enjoyed this Superfluous Verbosity and will continue to do so during the days, weeks, and hopefully years to come!  After all, without YOU my dear followers and intrepid readers, BnV would simply NOT BE!

Thank YOU for Sharing the Journey with me.



Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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