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Hey Friends!
If you’re intrigued by my new books, The Mercy Series, but love the good ol’ fashion feeling of holding a book and not a device, I’ve good news!   Misericorde and Clandestine are now available in paperback (Misericorde is also available in HARDCOVER!)

What’s more, if you’d love a signed copy it’s fairly easy to do.  Drop me a message and we can work out the details.

Until then…heres a snippet, just to intrigue you even more….


His gaze repeatedly stole to take her in. She wasn’t doing anything in particular that attracted his attention, but the way the light played through the waves of her chestnut-red hair and the manner in which her clothing fell across the curves of her body were incomprehensibly mesmerizing. There was something about her that made his senses spin and caused his body to respond in ways he’d never experienced before. It was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. He needed to understand it. More importantly, he needed to learn how to recognize the signs before the unpredictable emotions and sensations blindsided him, which unfailingly resulted in distinctly awkward behavior that attracted her attention. He didn’t want these deviations from his usual behavior to cause her distress and he certainly didn’t enjoy the consternation such deviations caused him.

A hoarse, resonant chuckle echoed tauntingly in his mind. “You should have studied humanity more closely before assuming their form.”

It was the same voice he always heard, though now, instead of arguing with him, it seemed to mock him. It was the final Horseman, Death, who waited behind a framework of energy that would not allow him to pass into the realm of men. He was caged until Tzadkiel released him or until the full 100 years that had been appointed was completed, but time was growing short. He was inescapably impatient.

“I know.” He spoke the words under his breath so Lourdes would not hear him, but he knew Death heard him. He could tell by the derisive laughter that followed and he parried with a similarly derisive retort. “You know less than I.”

“I need only know what is in their hearts and that I can see as plainly as you can.”
Tzadkiel nodded slowly. “I know.”

“You do not seem to know enough.” Death’s voice was so loud inside his mind that Tzadkiel turned to look at Lourdes, certain she must also hear him, but of course she didn’t. She stood looking up at the sun, her thoughts consumed. The radiant afternoon light streamed over her, and his gaze lingered on her rose-hued cheeks and lips. He’d seen human women for centuries. Why she seemed so different was a conundrum he simply could not unravel…or deny.

“I see what is in your heart as well.”

The thought had not occurred to him. Now that he was in human form his nature was revealed to those who had the gift of Vision just as surely as any other human’s nature was and he was unsure if he was comfortable knowing that his innermost desires could be assessed by one such as Death. He responded unhelpfully, speaking in a low tone between gritted teeth.

“What of it?”

The resonant laugher filled his ears once more. “Think like a man, Archangel.”


Misericorde on Amazon

Clandestine on Amazon



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