Where is Love? – #Meditations During #COVID-19

Where is Love

Why all this darkness?
Why all this fear?
Why all the hateful rumours and unjustified Lies?
Why all the torment, ugliness, cruelty and loathing?

Why am I alone?
Why am I neglected?
Why am I lost in this sea of doubt and anxiety?
Why am I overwhelmed by sadness and despair?

Where is Love in All of this?
Where is Love in All this horror?
Where is Peace during war, strife, anger, resentment?
Where is Compassion in All the exploitation, disregard, and profiteering?

Love is inside Me,
Waiting to be shared.
Love is Within My own Heart,
Yearning to be freed.
Peace Rests upon My Shoulders,
Reaching outward
Compassion Lies in the Palm of My Hand,
Pleading to be given away.

Beautiful Artwork found at: rassouli.com

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