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What was Angel of Mercy, but is now Misericorde, has passed its final revision/edit. Complete at 174K I have broken it into two books.

I would love for it to go through another round of Beta Readers. Looking for 2-3 interested readers who are willing to read both segments and answer a few questions about it.
Timetable: 1 month
If interested, please let me know.
Thank you ❣

Its a Post Apocalyptic Fantasy Romance. It tells the story of life after the first 3 Horsemen, Pestilence, War and Famine, have ridden. In the 4th Era after the Great Cataclysm, (roughly 400 years in the future) the final horseman, Death, is waiting on the Archangel of Mercy to release him. Tzadkiel has been sent to earth in human form to find one human who still understands Mercy. He has been given 100 years, after which Death must be released. With only 4 years remaining, he finds her; a servant named Lourdes, but they must escape the harsh dictatorship of the Eminent Protectorate and find a place of sanctuary before the appointed hundred years are spent and Death is freed from the abyss.


~Morgan ~