A New Year, A New Opportunity- What I’ve Been Up To


The new year always brings uncertainty and excitement for me. Uncertainty because there are now 300+ days ahead that are unknowns. Anything could happen. … and usually does. Excitement, because those unknowns could be amazing, wonderful Blessings that will inspire and delight. Almost always, it’s a little of both.

So far this year, I’ve moved from a small 750 square foot condo to an 1800+ townhouse…. pretty nice! …. but I’ve also lost a dear friend to cancer…. not so nice. This is life… balance… the universe keeping things in order. Whatever you may choose to call it.

During the past year I’ve been busy writing my WIP. You’ve heard me talk about it already.

ANGEL OF MERCY is a post apocalyptic, fantasy, romance. It tells the story of life after the first three Horsemen of Revelations have ridden. In the 4th era after the Great Cataclysm (roughly 400 years in the future) the final Horseman, Death, is waiting on the Archangel of Mercy to release him. The Archangel, Tzadkiel, has been sent to earth in human form to find one person who still understands mercy. He had been given 100 years, after which Death must be released. With only four years remaining, Tzadkiel finds a young servant named Lourdes, who exemplifies mercy, but they must escape the harsh ruling dictatorship where she serves and find a place of sanctuary before the appointed one hundred years are spent and Death is freed from the abyss to ride.

It’s finished. It’s been tested by a few choice BETA readers and now I’ve just sent my cover and query letter for Angel of Mercy off to be critiqued before I start sending our official queries.!

Balance. Equity.  Harmony.  That’s what life is all about….oh… and HOPE !!!  In this case,  my hopes and dreams for representation by an amazing agent and publisher.  


May your New Year bring Hope and Balance as well. 

~Morgan ~




Beautiful Original Artwork by aenaluck


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