Angel of Mercy – A #Post-Apocalyptic #Fantasy #Fiction #Book #Teaser


My current work in progress is practically telling itself.  Though I started it about a year ago, and then had nearly a year long hiatus from writing of any kind while I moved, found a decent job, and got sorted, the story has recently re-captured my attention.  So much so, in fact, that I almost feel like I’m taking dictation.  Already 22K words and only at Chapter 5, Angel of Mercy is more than filling my thoughts, it’s renewed a true passion within me I feared I lost. Words flow again in beautiful abundance and I am overjoyed!

Overjoyed….and eager to share some of the growing tale! It tells the story of life after the first 3 Horsemen, Pestilence, War and Famine, have ridden.  In the 4 Era after the Great Cataclysm,(roughly 400 years in the future)  the final horseman, Death is accompanied by the Archangel of Mercy, who is sent to find at least one person among those who remain who is merciful.  He has been searching for almost 100 years….


Patience was his essence, clemency his soul.  He had never known resentfulness, rage, or pain.  All the years of his long life, which numbered in countless eons, he had been the personification of compassion, empathy, and forgiveness; yet now as the dark hours of agony and harrowing loneliness he endured drug on, his thoughts twisted in a tumultuous commotion of wrath and determination. Those who abused him deserved the wrath that pierced his benevolent essence with its ferocity, and the one he had been sent to find merited the determination that implored him to wait, despite the intensifying desire to pour out the ferocity of his wrath on those who abused him.  The horrifying cycle of tempestuous emotion became a maelstrom that threatened to undo him, separate him from everything he knew about himself, and create in the void a monster of abhorrent violence.

His brothers, those who had preceded him, wrought justice for all who had been victimized during the ages that had passed since the beginning.  All of beautiful creation was not subject to the trials they unleashed.  During the cataclysms, the earth’s population diminished on a vast scale, but the plant and animal-life of the planet recovered from the subjugation it had suffered under the ungainly rule of the humans. Those who felt the full extent of the justice his brothers released had sown the seeds of their destruction through their own despicable actions.  Whether through the sickness they poured from their souls like plague, through the violence they perpetrated on the meek, or through the deprivation of their cruel disregard, Pestilence, War, and Famine were sent to match their own.

He had been sent to find one that matched himself; one kindred spirit among the multitudes that was the embodiment of mercy. Although he had searched unsuccessfully for nearly a century, he could not accept there was no one. None, but him?  It was incomprehensible.  So he continued to search, to wait, and through waiting, he accepted the abuse forced upon him by the children of the lost.


I would love to hear what you think…and if this entices you to want more 🙂






Beautiful Original Artwork by aenaluck

2 thoughts on “Angel of Mercy – A #Post-Apocalyptic #Fantasy #Fiction #Book #Teaser

    1. Yay!! 😊 I’ll definitely be sharing more teasers as the story progresses. Thank you so much for the feedback and your awesome interest 😊😊😊


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