Where Love Walks – #InspirationalMeditations


There are so many in this world who are alone. So many who are sad, lost, hurting, and they may ask ‘Where is God?’ ‘Why is there so much suffering?’  ‘Why are so many in need?’ ‘ Why does  God who is supposed to be all loving allow so much misery?’  ‘Where is He?’

He/She/Universal Love is not far, aloft in the distant cosmos, disconnected and unfeeling. God, whatever or however you think of God, is not some metaphysical apparition. God is Love, love is God; and yet, if God is love why does he seem to not love?  Why are there so many situations that are devoid of love?

I recently had an accident where I wound up in the emergency room. (A Segway accident while on holiday that resulted in several cracked ribs)  After several hours of pain and tears, I was being discharged and a woman was coming in at the same time. She was extremely angry, but also sad at the same time, though it was harder to see than the anger. She was cursing at the security guards and saying unkind things to the nurse who was helping me to the car. The nurse apologized to me for her behavior, but I wasn’t offended by it. Instead I empathized with her and felt a deal of compassion for her.  I wanted to say something, to share some measure of kindness with her. Some offering of love, but I didn’t.

I was very fortunate when the accident that sent me to the ER happened. I was with people who could help me and was surprised by how many strangers stopped to offer their aid, but the woman I met in the ER had no one. Little wonder she felt alone, and it’s not surprising she said the things she did, things like she didn’t matter and that love doesn’t exist. I remained silent, perhaps because of my own pain, but I continued to think about her.

Of course she matters. We all do; and of course Love exists, because even now I’m still thinking about her. Love, much like God, isn’t distant and set apart. Love abides in each of us, waiting to be shared.  It reaches out in the hands that tend. It pronounces itself in kindness. It whispers of its existence through compassionate glances and unspoken empathy.

Perhaps this is why there are so many in need?  Not because Love doesn’t exist, but to give us the opportunity to prove that it does.

Wherever Love Goes
It Urges Mercy and Justice.

Whenever Love Speaks
It Sings Kindly and Gently.

Whatever Love Teaches
It Inspires Honesty, Truth, and Encouragement.

Whatever Love Gives
It Fills with Compassion and Generosity.

May Love Walk with us, Speak Through us,
Teach our Spirits to Sing Harmoniously,

And Give Selflessly
So we may Never Walk Alone.


Although the past few weeks have been extremely difficult because I’ve been in constant pain, I am finally mending and will be able to return to my normal routine of writing soon!



  1. I just saw this…I’m so sorry about your accident, I hope you are doing better. You are right, people who say or do hurtful things usually do so because they are hurting. It’s not an excuse for bad behavior, but it does help to understand that.


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