An #Epic #YA #Fantasy #Preview While Im Away


I will be away from my blog for the weekend, enjoying some Special Time with my Dear One ❤


But that’s no reason for you to be bored, so below you will find a previously UNRELEASED Teaser/Snippet/Preview of Dark Fey Breaking Into The Light!
In this scene readers learn more about a mysterious group of Dark Ones…..


The scintillating light of early afternoon sparkled and glimmered through the swirling shadows of the open portal, reflecting off the black stone floor of the cavern and twisting like glistening smoke as the crossing slowly wavered and warped. Those standing before it, waiting uncertainly, winced at the touch of the crystalline light and ducked out of its way as it snaked through the gateway, but they did not run from it. Neither did they draw their weapons in a show of bravado against those lingering on the opposite side, whose voices echoed through the turning vortex as if they travelled a vast distance. As they listened to the Fey of the Light discussing what had just occurred, those watching argued amongst themselves.

“We must go. Now!”

“There’s no guarantee they’ll not kill us, just as they killed those we forced to cross over.”

“You’re wrong. There is a way to guarantee our safety.” Crimson gazes locked, but the one who led them brandished his weapon audaciously; then sheathed the curved sword and unfastened the buckler holding it in place. Thrusting the armament out at arm’s length before him, he spoke to the others with grim determination.

“We must cross unarmed.” Dropping his weapon with dramatic flair, he glared at the others staring back at him with disbelief, challenging them to disagree and they did, vociferously.

“You’re insane. They’ll slaughter us all.”

“Go unarmed? Why not just cross over and lie down at their feet, offering our necks for their blades?”

“Haven’t you ever heard of the Prison of Daylight? We’ll die horrible, painful deaths at their hands!” They spat their dissention back at their leader, but he laughed derisively; then hissed at them with harsh anger, silencing their protests.

“You pack of whining shefey! These aren’t Legionnaires of the Realm we are talking about; they’re Fey of the Light! They won’t kill one who is unarmed; their sense of justice and mercy would never allow it.”

“You saw how they fought before the gate. You’d risk all our lives on hearsay?” A subordinate retorted sharply, but the leader leaned closer to him, glaring at him threateningly.

“Cowering Blaylscith! You’ve studied the writings as well as me. If we didn’t all believe them, we wouldn’t be here, would we?” The others glared uncertainly at each other, hesitant to relinquish the only protection they had, but, at last, one of the young Legionnaire’s cursed sharply and unclasped his bandolier; hurling the weapon it supported onto the ground while he stared at the others defiantly.

“Senzuur is right; we didn’t come this far to turn back out of cowardice.” The leader grinned fiercely at him as the others haltingly disarmed themselves; then he drew a bottle from a leather halter depending from his belt and raised it high.

“Trach klynnoch vla sladdin!” He shouted in fluent Dlalth and he was answered by all.

“To the courage of fools!”


The Epic YA Fantasy Trilogy Dark Fey is set in the fantastical realm of Jyndari, a world of beauty, magic, Bright Light and Devouring Darkness. It relates a story about the Life-changing Strength of Hope, the Value of Acceptance, and the world-changing Power of Forgiveness through a tale that is brutally beautiful.

The only way to achieve Peace is to become Peace.

   The Reviled
  Standing In Shadows
  Breaking Into The Light


   Learn more about the Epic YA Fantasy Dark Fey Trilogy




Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographer.  Thank You~


Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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