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Inner Peace


Gracious Heavenly Father
Quiet our thoughts so they may Center on You.
You who Knows every beat of our Hearts,
Every Breath we take.
Hush our chaos for Your Love’s Sake
And Speak in a voice Soft and Clear;
Holy Whisperings that drive away fear.

Spirit of Peace, Bless the Weary Heart,
The Sorrowful Traveler,
The Lost and Lonely Soul.
Generous Love, Reach down from on High
To Caress with Tenderness when fear tries to pervade.
Trusting Joy, return like a River of Loving Light
To Reign in Triumph in our Hearts.
Lord of Love, Fill us in Blessed Renewal
Giving us Strength to walk in Abundant Hope.

Blessed Spirit of Life and Breath,
Creator before the foundation of the world,
Master Artist of the Universal Mystery,
You are All in All in All.
Eternal Word of Life,
Giver of Wisdom and Unfathomable Peace,
Guide us to Understand Truth through Your Spirit of Compassion and Mercy
So we may Live each Breath with Love and Kindness,
With Harmony in our Hearts and Your Melody in our Voices;
So we may Share Your Love, Hope, Peace and Joy
With All we meet,
Giving Glory and Honour unto the Most High,
Blessed Spirit of Life and Breath.

Lord in Your Loving Mercy we Pray