Ornate Tapestry – #Inspirational #Poetry

Herald of Spring


The Silver Light of Winter
Has Spread her Arms and Laid Her head
Upon the mantle of the Frozen earth
To Kiss the Birth of Spring Instead.

The Pearlescent Light of April
Sweetly Smiles over Waking fields,
Verdant greens within Her Hand,
As Flowing colours of Renewal She Wields.

The Balmy Glow of Springtime
Tenderly Laughs in Jocund Glee,
Embracing all of Life within
Her Ornate, Fragrant Tapestry.


As seasons shift and the Earth finds Renewal through the harsh embrace of Winter, I cannot help pausing to consider how our own lives often find Renewal through hardship.  Though the tides of our lives ebb and flow, change is a constant we cannot elude.  It is as perpetual as time itself and can frequently shake us to our core, testing our stamina and ability to adapt as surely as harsh winters test the Endurance of nature’s bounty.  Yet, despite the snow, ice and bitter temperatures, each Spring the brazen heads of delicate flowers look skyward, drawing Strength from the rejuvenating balm of Light as it streams outward over all, extending its Life-giving warmth freely.  Each Spring the barrenness of winter recedes and a rainbow of smiling colour paints our world with beauty.

Just as surely, although challenges and change are as inevitable as winter’s snow, Light always returns into our lives. It may seem dim; it may seem insubstantial against the storms and tempests hurling chaos all around, but take Heart and Smile.  For you are as Resilient as the tenderest blossoms of Spring and you hold within all the Light you shall ever need.  You are the Smiling colour of Beauty that truly decorates this world.  You are the Ornate Tapestry through which Life Sings!

In this season of Rebirth and Renewal, may you remember how Truly Loved and Special YOU are.


Beautiful Original Artwork by: Bente Schlick

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