Solstice – #Epic #YA #Fantasy #Preview


Summer Triangle Thru Trees

As the seasons shifted , the Fey of the Light gathered together to venerate the ending of the Season of Light. They joined in the Clearing of the Stars, where the forest canopy contracted and one could gaze up, out of the darkling hedge of ancient trees, into the glittering night sky, enchanted by the glowing moon and the sparkling stars overhead.

Drawing together, they began the Incantation of the Changing Seasons led by their village Celebrant, their voices subdued and solemn. As they spoke the lyrical invocation, they paced through an intricate dance, which marked the ending of the growing and gathering seasons and the beginning of the long days of wintry austerity.

They Danced.  Bowing, pausing, stepping, clapping, pausing, clasping hands, turning, releasing, passing, turning, pausing, spiraling, clapping and repeating until the midnight horns rang through the clear night air.

Life and Light were in their fullest glory on this fair night, dazzling the eye from the heavens overhead, spilling from the evergreens of the forest canopy. Yet, it was the shortest day of the year and from that point the lush treasure of abundance they enjoyed would be hushed in the icy stillness of winter.


A Collection of excerpts from Dark Fey The Reviled in honor of the Winter Solstice

The story of Dark Fey is set in a fantasy realm of Jyndari, a world of beauty, magic, Light and Darkness. It is peopled by Feyfolk, winged beings the size of any human who are born with gifts of telepathy, empathy and sometimes magic. It relates how the Power of Hope, Acceptance and Forgiveness can change the world, if you take Positive Action to create Change through doing what is Right.

The only way to achieve Peace is to become Peace.

The Reviled:
Standing In Shadows:
Breaking Into The Light:

Beautiful photograph found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully acknowledged to the original photographer.  Thank You~

Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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