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Vast Expanse


Something Deeper than spiraling words

Something more Keen than the Sweetly Honeyed phrases I tend to warble

Like a lark, or perhaps the loon

Sharing, yet Protecting;

But why?

When shadows fall amid the dusky Twilight

And the milky stream of starlight Whispers overhead,

My Spirit Sings in measures of Harmony I scarce may fathom,

I lift my head to the sky

Seeking and Seeing the Vast Expanse of chaotic quiet

And the Innumerable eons and epochs of time

Serenading me from distances unknown,

Yet as Close as that which makes me who I am;

Elements Created in the furnace of the cosmos

Now stand in Mute Wonder,

Gazing upward at their Home,

Wondering and Waiting amid this Vast Expanse of whispering calamity,

For this Heart to shake Free from its shackles,

For this Spirit to grasp in Understanding

All it already Comprehends,

But while I stand wordlessly;

With the jumble of technology and terrestrial thinking,

Ignoring the Vast Expanse of Wisdom Speaking Quietly

Into the Vast Expanse of silence


In me.






Beautiful original Photograph by Mikko Lagerstedt