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What is a book trailer, you ask with that notably perplexed expression on your face?

If you aren’t an author, chances are you haven’t a clue and, even if you are an author, you still might not be at all certain. All I can really tell you is that a book trailer is like a movie preview, but for a book. Not entirely clarifying, to be sure.

Some are stellar and exploit all the latest special effects, making you OOOO and AAAHHH…and hopefully say OHHH I Must read that!  Some are more mediocre, leaving much to the imagination, but the intent is the same…to entice and tempt!

I’ve heard chatter around the proverbial water cooler for years now about the pros and cons of the book trailer, and have even had a look at a few now and again, but, in spite of the ooohs and aaahhs, I could never bring my frugal wallet sense to come to terms with the cost most incur.  After all, I’m reasonably computer savvy and it didn’t seem all that difficult to manufacture.

Seems like the trend is leaning more towards trailers lately, which made me consider more seriously.  Perhaps this is something I can do myself?


SOOOOO, after about 15 hours of concerted effort (and no small measure of confusion!) I’ve put together what I hope is a trailer that falls somewhere in between the aforementioned Stellar and Mediocre models.  Unfortunately, I am not able to upload the full video without incurring even greater cost, by upgrading my blog to support large videos, BUT I’m happy to share the link and hope you might pop over to my Amazon Author Page for a peak 🙂

Thanks Ever So for your Kind Support and feedback 🙂

Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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