Ask Me Anything – No Really! #AMAAuthors


Ok so, a don’t typically do shameless self promotion….But Im SO Excited I couldn’t help myself!!

I will be hosting an #AMA (Ask Me Anything!) Event  December 1st starting at 11 AM EST!

What is this?

It’s an opportunity for you to literally ASK ME ANYTHING about Writing, Creativity, Being an Indie, Published and Freelance Author. Talk about Marketing Ideas, How to Build Networking Opportunities, Creating a Brand/ Social Presence, staying true to your writing ideals and more.

The journey from hobbyist writing to Indie Author; Published by a well-respected company, and/or landing Freelance writing opportunities can be daunting.  Even more challenging is learning to navigate Social Media, Networking with fellow writers, and creating a social presence or brand.  How do you build opportunities for yourself and expand your social media Reach?

Pleas stop by HERE to RSVP.   I look forward to talking with YOU!



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