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I was delighted to discover this gem of a review today on Amazon 🙂  The reader really seems to have connected with the story behind the story, and that is Always rewarding, even more so than the number of Stars they rated the book.


There are few authors I’ve read in the past few years who can weave together words and paint a vivid, vibrant picture of a world, a setting, a character, or a situation with the flair and aplomb of Cynthia Morgan. The moment I started reading The Reviled, I was pulled in, as if I’d stepped through a portal into a magical world of both Light and Shadow, both so expertly described that I literally felt that I was there.

The Reviled – at the outset, anyway – centers on Ayla, a winsome young shefey who has a very strong empathic gift. Not long after gaining the attention of the handsome Mardan, she begins to sense a presence, a dark presence, following her wherever she goes. Already somewhat of an outcast, she decides to keep this a secret, even from Mardan and her best friend Nayina.

The presence turns out to be Gairynzvl, a Dark Fey who was abducted as a child and who now seeks to regain his freedom from the Reviled. It is only with Ayla’s help that he can accomplish this.

Gairynzvl was, by far, the most interesting character in the story. The strength it takes to attempt to win back his life is truly awe-inspiring. Conversely, as the book’s heroine, I found Ayla to be on the meek side. She did show some inner strength by joining Gairynzvl’s bid for freedom, as did Mardan, but I would have like their characters to have been a little more developed and well-rounded…maybe in the next books!

Nevertheless, this is a beautiful story, and I would recommend it to those who love dark fantasy. I will definitely be moving on to Book Two in the series.


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