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Magical Grace upon the Wing,

Whisper Light,

Whisper Beauty,

Like Sweet Larks that Sing.


Like a river, her teal hair flows,
Too beautiful to put in prose.
A finer creature, I have not seen,
This one must be a queen.

Austin Snyder


Feathers of purple, teal and green
Soft as down, with iridescent sheen.
Whilst the lady soon take flight?
And soar into the rosy night?



*****This Friday Fantasy is INTERACTIVE. Since I do love collaborating, I’ve written the first verse and Invite YOU to share additional verses Inspired by this Beautiful Artwork. Post your verse in the comments section and I will add them to the original verse throughout the day. Be sure to include your name and (if you like ) a link to your blog.

Enjoy the Magic!

Beautiful Original Art By: Luke Mancini