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Today’s Friday FeyDay spotlight is a scene from Dark Fey:  Standing in Shadows where the Liberators (of Childfey) are preparing to cross into the dark realm of the Uunglarda. In this particular scene Gairynzvl utilizes his gift of magic to open a portal in a tall, free-standing mirror through which they will cross and we learn what an opening portal sounds and looks like.  Later today we will discover how it feels to actually cross through a portal! I hope you will enjoy these teasers…


As dimness enveloped them, several of the friends drew unsteady breaths and Ayla could not help pressing close to Nayina with an instinctual dread of the darkness.  In front of them in line, Ilys stifled a hiss of frustration at this evidence of her fear and turned to face the portal, watching with keen interest, her eyes better suited to the murkiness around them, as Gairynzvl stepped closer to the portal and raised one hand before him, wielding a magic she did not possess.

“Hchrynoch drall enpach thrynnovich.”  His use of fluent Dlalth spawned more than a few shivers, as the guttural, defiled language was feared by the Fey of the Light even more greatly than darkness itself, but their trepidation quickly dissipated into curiosity when the mirror made a sound they never anticipated.  Creaking like ice shifting on the shoulders of a frozen river, the dark glass of the mirror visibly warped in response to his words.

“Hchrynoch drynnovl enpackich thrynnul.”  Gairynzvl continued, altering the dark incantation he used in order to open the portal even further.  Behind him, Mardan could not combat the shudder of revulsion that serrated through him, although he could not be sure whether this was in response to the gruesome language he was hearing or if it was an effect of opening the portal.  Groaning more loudly in opposition to the spell being spoken, the mirror seemed to shift upon the floor, as if twisting on its base in an attempt to escape the abhorrent invocation while the ripples on its dark surface became more evident.  Raising his other hand, Gairynzvl directed even more energy at the portal, increasing the intensity of his tone as he spoke a third time.

“Hchrynochthalinan drynnovl chi ennovat!”  The mirror resounded with a thunderous sound, like that of rock splitting from the face of a cliff and shattering downward in a shower of debris, although not a single shard of glass broke from its face.  Nevertheless, where there once had been a reflective plane, smooth and polished, a wavering surface like that of water slowly rose and fell before them.  Turning to gaze back at those waiting upon his actions, he gazed at them with an intense expression of determination.

“The portal is open.”……


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