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pools of whispers


Cast the brazen rush of thoughts

Churning as a tempest in your mind

Unto the Solitary wind,

Whispers of Serenity there to Find.

Be Calm among the restless throng

Thrashing in the maddening churn;

Serenity Whispers Quietly

From the Hush of starlight as it burns.

Unfasten the shackles of turbulent dismay

Clasping your hands, binding your feet;

Fall back into Serenity Whispering

From the garden of moonlight, Smiling Sweet.

Close your eyes to the agitation of noise;

Sigh deep and long as the world whirls;

Listen to the Silence of Serenity Whispering

As the Choice of Tranquility Gently unfurls.



I recently found myself beside a pristine lake surrounded by acres upon acres of woodland, a crystalline cerulean sky stretching out overhead.  The Quietness and Calmness of that place filled me more sweetly and far more intoxicatingly than the finest wine and the peace that environment suffused into me has lasted days later.  I sat with eyes closed, listening in bewitched breathlessness to the Hush; the whispering wind as it swept its hands through the tawny hair of the bordering trees; the mesmerizing ripples of unobtrusively  burbling water; the laughter of waterfowl praising the golden sunlight and the tambourine chatter of dried leaves tumbling over flaxen grasses.  The Quietness and Calmness filled my senses with Serenity that soothed unlike anything else might, sharing its precepts unforgettably.








Beautiful photograph found on Google Image.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the original Photographer.  Thank You~