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My recent post, Word Mongery initiated several comments about the brilliantly fun word game Balderdash that have left me musing all week long. Not just musing, but wishing to play that marvelous game of creativity again, though not a single member of my family will undertake playing it with me any longer (for somewhat obvious reasons!) Which naturally leaves me with a seemingly un-resolvable quandary:  How to play without being able to play?

Solution?  You got it!  Invite YOU to play with me. 🙂 🙂  Oh come on now, it will be fun! I promise. …and I also promise NOT to win.  Well, I’ll try anyway!!

So here’s how this will work, or at least, I hope it will work.

I will post the Balderdash Blog Blast Invitation which will pose a most peculiar word for you. One that (hopefully) not many of us recognize or know the true definition of, but one that will Inspire mass creativity.  I will also pose a possible Definition by commenting first, one that may or may NOT be the actual definition.

Then YOU (yes YOU!) will post a comment, in which you will counter propose a plausible definition of said word.  One that may be funny, wildly creative, ingeniously inexplicable, or downright outrageous (Keepin’ it PG Of course!).

The crucial part comes when YOU and I and everyone else playing returns throughout the week to cast Votes for the definition they like via a reply to the comment of that respective definition.

ok ok, this is crazy I know…here’s and example:
Word:  Gobbledegoup

Comment: a gooey mess of sticky residue

Reply: Vote

Comment: a made up explanation

Reply: Vote
Reply: Vote
Reply: Vote

Comment:  a turkey with something stuck between its toes

(LOL I love this game, even when I Play alone!) So as you can see, the Comment: ‘a made up explanation’ got the most votes, so that person wins.  Fun? Potentially, but only with participation! So play, then be sure to tell all your word-addict, word-game aficionado friends to come play too.

What does the person who wins win, you ask rather quizzically?  Respect for their stellar creativity? Props for being johnny-on-the-spot with quick wit?  A Good laugh and a Smile?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

OH One more thing…A Blog Boost!  Because the next weekend, I’ll pose another word AND (and and) post the Definition of the previous week’s word, as well as the previous week’s winner with links to their blog so HOPEFULLY persons who are interested, intrigued, or even just morbidly curious about their Imaginative ingenuity may wander by for a visit. (See so there really is a reason to play besides it just being fun!)

OK SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO after all that blather (a thing you know I do oh so well!) Here is the First Word in the First Round of the first ever Balderdash Blog Blast ………………………….. (applause, cheers, hoots, holla’s, waves, snorts of derision and whatever else!)



aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Go!