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Power of Words

It isn’t terribly surprising that at the onset of a New Year we might take some measure of time to review, re-assess and reorient ourselves and our direction.  Neither is it shocking to set out a few goalposts for the upcoming year, although admittedly those ambitions are not always realized.  In truth I am not one for making resolutions, because I tend to believe it’s far too easy to walk away from things we resolve to do simply because it’s the beginning of the year.

Setting Goals on the other hand has always been useful and attainable for me. Granted, it’s a fine distinction. It may all be a matter of the mind(set); nevertheless, what you find yourself Believing you are entirely capable of Achieving.  I typically tend to set goals in Threes.  ‘Now please don’t ask why, no one quite knows the reason’ (bonus points if you can tell me what book that quote is from!), but I find three manageable and once I accomplish all three, I’m always free to set three more!  I’ve also found it very helpful to be specific when setting out objectives, because, after all, one can say ‘Oh I want to go the beach’, but that leaves a great deal of unknown territory to cover later on.  What Beach? Where? And most importantly, Why?  If I iron out the details straightaway, there are fewer stumbling blocks to impede progress, or at least, it seems that way.

So without further blathering (because we all know how well I do that), here are the goals I’ve set out for myself, which you are free to track and I shall (hopefully!) remember to provide updates on as the year rolls along.


Goal One – Priority Status – Complete Dark Fey: Breaking Into The Light

Completing the finale of the Dark Fey Trilogy is first and foremost in my thoughts.  It has been in progress the entire year, though it is already longer than either of its predecessors and, with multiple story lines running at once, it has proven to be far more challenging as well.  I am looking forward to the culmination of my message through this final installment of the Epic YA Fantasy


Goal Two – Poetry Book Project (Whispers In Verse)

Having mountains of poetry from BnV, it seems inevitable that it should end up in a book (or seven).  I’ve already decided on the categories: Poems of Peace, Quiet, Tranquility; Poems of Love and Longing; Poems of Inspiration and Belief; Poems of Nature; and Dark Poetry (yes I actually a some of that too!)  I’ve even designed the cover, as you can see, and created the description for the first of the series “Whispers in Verse”.


Goal Three – Historical Fiction Project (The Letter)

Life for Adoralysse had always been harrowing, scarred by loss and cruelty.  Love and Trust were words she knew nothing of; only pain and sorrow filled her days until one snowy night when she was strong enough to escape her captivity.

Life for Lord Braden Lowerey of Chadlington Park had always been comfortable. Replete with more luxuries than he could ever want or need, his world was well-ordered, governable, and ruled by his benevolent nature.  Although he trusted no one and felt not a shred of romantic love for any, philanthropy was easy for him.  It provided a means of utilizing his millions while it kept him safely disconnected.  Until he discovered an unconscious beauty lying in the snow at the entrance to his expansive estate.

In that moment, his compassion leads him to make unanticipated decisions that draw him under the scrutiny of his peers and puts his reputation in jeopardy.  Her past is shrouded in mystery and her future a shadow of mistrust and fear; yet her welfare becomes his only concern and her happiness his sole desire.

But how will two hearts that know neither Trust nor Love open to either?


What do you think? Sounds exciting to me, if nothing else.  Now, Go ahead…set a few goals for yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised come Dec 31st in all you have achieved!

~Blessings of Creativity and a Wealth of Words to all of you!