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Breath Beguile


Breath Beguile the Wordless Thought
Of All I Fear to Never Say,
While Heart, unfettered, Sighs and Stops,
Kneeling in Spirit, Long to Pray.
Beguiled of Art, These Charms you employ,
Sweet Supposition of guilty Pleasure,
But Standing Mute, as Others Enjoy,
Breaking Heart, which Longs for Treasure!
Treasure as Pure as Passing Fair,
Expressed in Sighs, Profound and Long,
Betray How Greatly One Heart Might Care,
Singing together, One Harmonious Song.
Breath Beguile this Unspoken Thought,
Beguiled I Breathe, Uncaptured, yet Caught!

Beautiful Original Artwork by: fernanda brussi goncalves