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Delicate Song of Restful Sighs,

Whispering to me upon the Breeze,

Balm of Beauty without Hidden Guise,

Transporting through Serenity;

Calm Hours of Unhurried Muse,

River of Dreams I Willingly Choose,

Upon Your Maiden Voyage I Sail,



Purposefully Frail,

Expanding my Thoughts to Encompass your Song,

Sweet Idyllic Solitude Where I Belong.


Soft Shifting Vesper of Soliloquous Hush,

Incantation of Ancient Memory,

Equanimity Pleasing and Lush,

Deliberate Heartbeat of Tranquility;

Fair Serenade Melodious and Still,

Softly, Gently, Engendering your Will

Through Lustrous Lilting Harmonious Hours,



As Velveteen Flowers.

Blissful  tide of the Moonlit Sea,

Opulent Breath, Breathe Deep in Me!






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Exquisite Original Music by Adrian von Ziegler