The Void

The Void


Prisoner in this mind,

With fears and doubts rampantly running,

Screams echoing in the tumbling darkness

As I grope and claw for Light,

For Breath,

For the Hope I once held in my Hands.

Captive to a thousand harbingers of uncertainty,

Shaking and Trembling in the Pitch that Darkly Surrounds,

Devouring my Soul.



Stubbornly refusing to Surrender to the harrowing blackness.

Faith Stands.

Faith Waits.

Faith Holds Her Fragile Breath and Stares into the Starless sky,

Seeing Only Light,

Luminous, Streaming, Sparkling Light,

In Gossamer Tangles and Silken Pools that Glimmer Radiantly,

Filling the Heart in the Barren Void.


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18 thoughts on “The Void

  1. Prisoner of the mind, do you realize that faith is from that very mind! Therefore, the tussle between fear and faith and fear and faith and fear and faith… is never ending!


    1. It certainly is! That is where being a Prisoner (of that never ending battle) comes in. Strength and Weakness, over and over…and over. Thank You for sharing your Insight Sandeep. (that is your name, yes?)

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      1. Yes Morgan, I am Sandeep. Hmmm, my intention of putting that across was to go think if there is something beyond both fear and faith! Beyond strength and weakness.


      2. You are among the few people on this forum who I share and discuss thoughts and understanding. For me, as for you, what others write becomes a means to inquire and know. So, lets keep doing that while we don’t know who’s helping who..

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      3. I am Delighted to muse with you Sandeep. It is wonderful to share Inspiration and gain deeper Understanding,Sparking the ebb and flow of musing again and again.

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      4. I have been contemplating and I believe one thing stronger than fear or faith, strength or weakness may be Passion. That being whatever it is about which you are passionate (for me, words and writing) Passion drives you to try in spite of fear and it is often more intrepid than our sometimes feeble Faith will allow. It Inspires us to continue on in the face of obstacles, actually giving us Strength when we have none, and yet, it can make us weak (or seemingly so) when something we love Passionately moves us deeply, perhaps in ways nothing else might.

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      5. May be you are right, I am still searching an answer myself, but, I have come to an understanding which is very clear that we have created faith in order to tackle fear. Both, are like two poles, either both exist or none. And, one feeds the other. When I have asked myself the same question, consciously and subconsciously, the only answer that I am left with is my self. That my fears are my creation and my faith us my creation. That, fears are my barriers and faith is a disguised barrier. That my presence to life completely, to what I have to do, without bothering about the outcome, let’s me be at peace, which now brings me to see your point that one’s passion can drive one to transcend fear and faith because in those moments, one is completely merged with life and their is no scope for either. So, I partially, now, begin to agree with you.

        But, then the question is what about the other aspects of life that, apparently, aren’t your passions? Say, activities you do other than assembling words and writing? Which means, the moment you move away from your passions, you breed the cycle of fear and faith again? Then, life is still in a quagmire?


      6. Perhaps our Passion is our Purpose; that with which we are gifted before life here on this “plane” begins and all the other aspects of life here are the challenge; the means by which we initially discover and then, through time, application of self, trial and error, define. Without the quagmire, the challenge, we cannot become all we are intended to be or, perhaps, all we are Able to be, through the discovery and definition of our Passion or Purpose. Maybe, all those things that make up “the quagmire” work together, hand in hand as it were, guiding us, creating us, and freeing us to be what we initially were, before coming here.

        (is your head spinning? Because mine is 🙂 )


      7. Ha ha. It sure must be:). But, may be that we have accepted the quagmire as a way of life. I have certainly done that. I, however, also see that the passion with which one does a selective activity, such passion can be applied to every activity in life. Though it is difficult for me, for I am a prejudiced man, but, beginning to know myself, has gradually helped in the direction of staying out of fear and faith for the so called quagmired life and enjoy all that I do.

        Hope that is not much for you to take. And, I let you rest for the rest of the day. Have a good one :).


      8. I am curious what you mean when you say “I am a prejudiced man.”? Against what?
        Knowing yourself I should think is the key. When we are youthful, we know ourselves less, we are still experimenting, testing limits, discovering. Perhaps its a natural progression, the way it is meant to be. Perhaps that is why our lives are the length they are, so we have the time we need to learn who we are and Why and, then, how to enjoy who we are without all the fear, etc.

        It was not too much, I enjoy our mini discussions. You are free to share your insights or musings anytime 😉

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      9. I don’t really know how to answer this, but let me try. Your prejudices are your barriers to flow with the activities you want to do or the interest you want to give. Your bias towards people, things, ideas etc. Your complete presence to a certain thing becomes difficult for it is uneasy to deal with things I am biased against. The deal with life is, it comes to you as it should but the deal with your prejudices is that it wouldn’t want somethings to come and thus not be available totally to those things. That is where you are divided. And, the struggle with life continues.

        I loved the way you see the length of human life. I smiled actually :). I agree, that if all goes well, you have a life long enough to understand your self and live more peacefully. I would continue to do that. I don’t condemn myself Morgan. I love myself more today than any time ever in the past.

        Yes, it is good to be connecting with you this way. Sharing learning changing evolving can happen only with a peer. Nice to have you alongside for such discussions:)


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