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Booknvolume has reached another Milestone: 2600 posts. Who knew, when I first started out, that the words would come so prolifically or that so many (over 9K of you) would find my particular brand of verbosity appealing, interesting or, at the very least, bizarre enough to warrant a few return visits 🙂 Regardless of the reasons, however, Please Please allow me to take this opportunity, on this Thankful Thursday, to say how much YOU mean to me, How much your Support and Appreciation of what I offer here makes me smile and continues to Inspire me.

As I said in my very first post : So there you are and here I am, two partners in time; one sharing, one gaining (little or nothing, but perhaps at least a smile…if I am successful) giving and receiving, for better or for worse….(yes, I see the direction this metaphorical segment is taking and I would break off, but where this is going illustrates so well another of my quirks, which is, though I hate to admit it, that I do tend to find meaning in even the simplest things)…so to get back to my metaphor… if you think about it, being a writer and a reader is rather like being in a relationship ( I was going to use the M word, but we barely know each other yet). There’s good, there’s bad, there’s mutual intrigue, there are laughs and tears, arguments and betrayals of one form or another, but in the end, it’s generally worthwhile. (there, that wasn’t too bad, was it?)

And Thanks to you, this relationship continues, the Inspiration flows on and, hopefully, so too does the laughter! So For YOU! My Dear Sweet WordPress Family:

OH How the Surprise of Tears Do come,
Rushing in on my Poise and Certainty
When Such a Warm and Delicate Touch
As Your words,
In Delight of Mine,
Do Cause the Moon to Shiver,
The Sun to Shine!
Without the Simplest Enticement or Lure,
My Thanks, Seemingly Paltry,
Yet Honest and Pure,
For Ever Do I Receive This Honor
With More Gratitude of Thought and Feeling
Than My Language or Heart Can Sweetly Express.