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Beguiling Bitterness


Within the Rain and Tempest of Summers Reach,
Where Honeyed Flowers fall to Fiercest Hail,
Where Daggers from Cupids Bow the Heaven’s Breach,
To Pierce the Heart and make the Valiant Frail,
Beyond the borders of Temporal Rhyme and Place,
Amidst the Eternal Bounds of Treasured Gall,
Where Shadows ne’er dim the Loveliest Face,
Yet in Brief Whispers make the Strongest Fall,
Therein Lies the Majesty of Love,
Beguiling Sweet and Bitter in its course,
Mirroring All we Remember from Above,
Forgetting more than stems from Love’s Pure Source.
Yet each Heart, each Breath, each Sigh Desires nothing less,
Than that Brief Whisper and Beguiling Bitterness.

Beautiful Photograph found at: ildy-ildy.blogspot.com