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Less than 2 years ago I sat down at my laptop, looked up FREE blogging platforms on Google and discovered WordPress. That very same night I launched Booknvolume.com with little or not comprehension of what a blog was/is, what blogging is all about, or what I might share on said blog. As my very first post will testify (http://wp.me/p3C4k1-5) (go ahead, re-read it, I’ll wait….) I really hadn’t a clue about this whole blogging thing. As I perused the WordPress Reader for the first time, visiting other blogs and following those I found to my tastes, I noticed a blog (which shall remain nameless) that boasted over 2000 followers. What an accomplishment, I thought. How does one achieve such an incredible number? Would my humble little, nondescript blog ever glimmer so brightly?

Now, 21 months later, I have the overwhelming Honour, Pleasure and Sheer JOY of announcing that BnV has reached a milestone I NEVER anticipated. 4000 followers! ??? Really?! 4000? I’m not sure my math-impaired mind can even grasp that number, but there is ONE THING I do KNOW….

Without YOU, without Each and Every One of YOU; without your Kind Support, Encouragement, and continued Interest in these musings, and (sometimes) confusings, that spill from my Heart and Spirit, NONE OF THIS could ever have happened. I remember being amazed at having gained the interest of 50 followers…4000 is beyond my comprehension, plain and simple.

But what isn’t beyond my comprehension is that, although I often feel I’ve said “Thank You Ever So” in ever way imaginable (and perhaps I have), I could never say it often enough to truly express my Gratitude, my Honest and Open Heartfelt Gratitude to All Of YOU!

You are Blessing to me every day.
You are a Joy through all the Marvelous things You Say.
You make me Laugh, Bring me Joy, Make me Cry,
but I will NEVER ever wonder Why,
I was lead to this place to Share Inspiration,
Though I Thank God for this Amazing Invention,
And I Hope and Pray with all of my Heart,
I live up to Expectation from the very Start,
So Though these are Wild and Whirling Words (Yes, Hamlet)
(You’d be astonished if I would forget!)
I will say it once more in a Radiant Glow,
Thank You Sweet Friends! Thank You Ever EVER SO!