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Peace, Love and Patchouli

In the depths of the night
In a faraway place
Dreams and wishes collide,
Forest of emerald welcome
The joyous sounds
Of friends and creatures
In celebration
Of all that is.
A beautiful place
The stars shine so brightly
Competing with the sun that shines
As twinkling lights of faeries
Play on the whisper of wind.
She comes to me here,
Her hooves silently approach
With a nuzzle of hello
She sets the atmosphere aglow
Magnificent white
Oh how she shines
With eyes that hold depths unknown
To mortal man,
She is the bringer of truth
The deliverance of hope
And the dreams of lightness and bliss,
She bestows on us all that is good
And welcomes those who believe
With a soft whinny
Her words she speaks
We understand
As we learned them as children
Yet somehow, every once in a while,
Needing to be reminded
Of the gift…

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