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Shimmering Show

She Pours out her Love for All to See,
Blushing Beneath the Silvered Skies,
Dancing in Ethereal, Glistening Streaks,
Upon the Luminous Hush of Night.

Spilling Her Incandescent Caress,
Like a Bride Bedecked in Shimmering Show,
Ever Faithful in her Course, Unless,
Dark Masquerade Transforms her Radiant Glow.

Then, Behold, her Tender Touch
In Crimson Hue, turns Ruddy and Bold,
Intoxicating, like drinking Wine too much,
Yet Fleeting, like Youth before growing old.

Yet when Her Shimmering Light Spreads Wide
Upon the Breathless, Waiting Night,
‘Tis Loveliness Unfettered which Presides,
While we Stare in Wonder at the Enthralling Sight.

Beautiful Artwork found at: community.humanityhealing.net