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Sweetest Supplication

In Sweetest Supplication
I lay my Love upon the Alter,
Ever Shifting Hands of Time,
Mislead me Not and do not Falter;
While Delicate Night Unravels Softly,
Harkening to the distant call,
Remembering with Passion’s Glory,
All we had, Once All in All.

In Sweetest Supplication
I Sing my Dreams Unto the Stars,
Lifting this Unshakable Hope
To Your Blessed Love, Abiding so Far;
While Daytide Strips my every thought,
And Blazes in Fierce Treachery,
Of All we had, Now Long Ago,
Of Sweetest Love’s Pure Memory.

In Sweetest Supplication
I Pray these Hopes out from the Fray,
Aching Heart and Gasping Breath,
Drawing me forward, Day by Day;
While Midnight Sings in Bitter Blue
And Silence keeps her Soliloquy,
Of All we had in Another Life,
Of Love’s Perplexing Divinity.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Iardacil at Deviantart