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Raise Hope


Lift Your Head,
O Sullen Joy;
Weep not for Loss,
Despair to Employ.
Visualize a Perfect Tomorrow
Shatter Grief and Darkest Sorrow.

Raise Your Eyes,
O Saddened Heart;
Let not Unworthy
Recrimination Start.
Close Your Eyes to Doubt and Fear,
Let Sweet Compassion Draw you Near.

Open Your Arms
To Abiding Love;
Most Precious Gift
From Fair Heaven Above.
Listen not to Viperous ruse and lies,
Soar above deception, where Honesty Abides.

Receive this Gift,
Pure Treasure, not token;
Mending Your Faith
When once it lay broken.
Raise your Hope in the vast starkness,
And Shatter the Grip of Encroaching Darkness.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Sheila Wolk
Beautiful Cover of A Thousand Years by: Christina Perri played by The Piano Guys