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Love Remained

There in the shadows of Illusionary Calm,
Marked by Mute Pain and Liberal balm,
The Heart that Resides in the drifting array
Of Stars Far from Home, bleeds every day.

Capture the Moment of Intrinsic Time
That questions the Birth of Harmonious Rhyme,
And let not the Pallor of Fear overshadow
or devise lies that will steal Joy and harrow.

Mark the Good Morrow of Winsome Light
That Sails in the Winds of Unbroken Night,
Raise your Banner in the Infinite Breeze
And Smile at the Echo of Laughter it Frees.

Sing in the Merry Halls of Blazing Glory,
And never look back at the unfinished story
Of loneliness and hidden tears,
Of long hallow Moments and shapeless years.

Awaken to the Glimmer of Newest Day,
Answer to all those Pleas that you Pray,
And Walk into Promise that Infinitely Sings,
That Gives Newest Life, that Bears you up on its Wings.

Tomorrow is Hidden, Today is Truth,
Sparkling Joy in Unquestioning Proof
That Love Stands Fast, Ever Waiting it’s Chance,
Even after falling under Cruelty’s Lance.

Rejoice and be Immeasurably Content,
For Love Remained while the world was rent
And twisted, turning upside down,
And Love dried the tears of your most bitter frown.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Amalia Luliana Chitulescu