Being there for someone, Being beside them, Being with them on the journey, Being invested in them, ..this poem speaks to eloquently of this love and yet, it can also be seen from the perspective of The Loving Father watching over and guiding His own to their fullest measure of Being. Thank You Ihsan for this Gem!


If I could I would hold you

until the pain went away

Give you my courage

So you could laugh in its face

Give you my patience

so you could peacefully watch it fade away

I’d even make it my own

so you wouldn’t suffer another day

But you need it

The pheonix always rises from the ash

and so too

This pain is your becoming

So I’ll silently stand by your side

and lend a shoulder to lean on

But remember to rejoice

for this banquet is held in your honour

It is finally time for you to come of age

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