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The Compelling rose-hued blush of Morn, and trailing lavender of night, Joined and Merged, as if each were kissing the other in parting, and as the Blazing sun stepped quietly forth from behind the sill of the world, a Gloriously Radiant jet of Light Sprung up from his Beaming Smile. A Triumphal advent of Luminous Day standing, Rejoicing, upon the coattails of night. Streaming Light Blazed forth, Spreading across the sky in shades of Fervent Jubilee, fair violets, coy pinks, glittering oranges, shimmering so brightly as to bring tears to your eyes in gazing upon them, as if by One Consent the Spirit of Miraculous Morning and the Spirit Dwelling Within Joined in that brief moment of Jocund Praise.



Yet long this mesmerizing sight could not remain, and even as I watched steep banks of clouds over took the Light of Day. In his absence, my heart sank, although I understood he yet lingered, just beyond the periphery of those brooding vestiges, Ever Sending his Blessings of Light and Life outward, downward; over all. Though the clasping clouds of gloom tried, they could not contain his Splendor. Even while his face was hidden from my gaze, I could still find the Gleaming, Streaming, Reaching Arms of his Warmth and Love Beckoning from Beyond, unable to be Repressed, Unconquerable.