What Are You Willing To Sacrifice?


It often takes a long time to happen. Years, sometimes decades, to find that one thing, that one entirely marvelous, unimaginably motivating, unspeakably inspiring focus that makes life completely worthwhile, satisfying and gives that all important sense of purpose. Although for some it may take a much shorter period of time; finding that one thing you are passionate about (and allowing yourself the liberty/privilege of pursuing it) is not often easy. Still, once found, this passion, this zeal, can become your entire life. (And in most cases, should).

Do you love to create culinary masterpieces that would rival even Mario Batali’s expertise? Do you treasure the time you spend writing children’s stories or creating illustrations that Dr Seuss would find perfectly pleasing? Perhaps you spend every spare minute you have making jewelry, quilting, painting, or baking? Whatever it is that diverts you, that never fails to bring a smile to your face no matter how long or hard you had to work, THAT’S your passion.

Of course, I hardly need to tell you mine. We all know very well at this point and there’s precious little reason for me to reiterate the obvious (is there?) It’s far too apparent, I realize, so I shall move along.

Finding this passion is only one step along the path, however; where do you go once you realize what it is that gets you positively piqued? What do you do when you finally recognize the gold you’ve been holding in your hands for so long? Where and how do you focus this passion? Forgive me, but I cannot tell you.

Each one of us is different. Each path unique; each passion specific to the individual, and so much depends upon what you intend to do with it and what are you willing to give to nurture it and see it truly flourish. You know the adage, No Pain, No Gain. Not always true, but without sacrifice of some sort or another your passion may wither and fade; crumble into dust; vanish without a trace. So the question begs to be asked: What Are You Willing to Sacrifice?

Time? Friendships? Family? Love? (fortunately, true Love is eternal, so you don’t have to worry there.) Long Hours? Lost Weekend? Would you sell/give away/pack up everything you have, leave everything you know behind, and cross oceans to chase your dreams? Will you search your mind, heart, soul, seeking after what it is that makes what you are able to offer positively breathtaking? Would you sacrifice time itself in pursuit of the sense of purpose and accomplishment that only your passion can truly give you?

If you answer yes to any of these, then my simple and, admittedly, modest advise would be/should be/IS: Do It! Give. Seek. Ask. Knock. Believe. Strive. Work Hard at Working Hard. Do what it is that you can do Today. SACRIFICE. Because if you are diligent, if you believe in yourself and your passion and trust the influence Guiding you, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

A Simple and entirely unoriginal concept: Granted. But also entirely and inescapably True.

How do I know?

Because Less than 4 months ago I sat down and posted my very first entry on this blog (https://booknvolume.com//?s=Entry+One&search=Go) and today, after countless hours sitting in front of my laptop, after staying up until the wee, wee hours of the morning; after neither talking to or going out with friends and/or family; and after spinning over 460 posts, I have found myself staring at this wonderful blog in sheer amazement and inexpressible gratitude.

Because today I reached 500 followers…..something I never dreamed I could do in so short a time.

It took sacrifice. It’s still taking sacrifice, but when you absolutely ADORE what it is you are doing, Sacrifice Transforms into Pleasure.

Lovely and Inspiring Image found at: Sayw.com

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