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MONSTER ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Absolutely Zero, by the by)

I think that’s about all I need to say, really, isn’t it? (Unless you’ve never tried this astonishing drink that quite possibly shouldn’t be legal)

Except perhaps that, since I got to work this morning ( oops, did I just betray the fact that I’m blogging while I’m working? Don’t tell on me, okay?), about an hour ago, and started drinking this ( for the first time, but judging by the results, not the last ) I have been:
Chattering like the proverbial parrot,
Put up snowflakes around the office in honor of July 25th/ Christmas Day in July/ 5 months Til Christmas,
Had an in depth conversation with one person about Charles Dickens Bleak House,
Discussed with another the amazing BBC series Sherlock ( which I absolutely love and, in my present state, could rival Sherlock’s warp speed soliloquies),
And generally been jibber-jabbering about jibber-jabbering (Thank you Sheldon Cooper!).

OH, I’ve also actually managed a little work, in spite of it all
Yes…MONSTER ENERGY……I think I’m in Love 🙂